Why We Need Gun Control

I agree with John Cole — this video demonstrates why we need gun control, especially when you realize the interviewee is the sort of person who insists on having unfettered access to all firearms.

I want to comment on one thing, which is that comparing the number of people murdered by firearms every year in Great Britain versus the U.S. is not necessarily useful, given the difference in population. So, FYI, according to Wikipedia, the rate of firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people is .25 — note the decimal point — in the UK and 10.2 in the U.S. For homicides with guns, the rate is 3.7 in the U.S. and .04 in the U.K. I doubt blood is running in the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne. Maybe somebody should explain to Alex Jones that “28 Days Later” is fiction.

It’s true that violent crime rates have been dropping for the past several years, but rates of violent crime peaked in the mid-1960s and have been going down ever since. I doubt there is a correlation with guns, one way or another. Some are attributing this decrease in crime to the switch to unleaded gasoline.

Go to Balloon Juice to see the second half of the interview. Then this Alex Jones person issued a follow-up video in which he ranted about being threatened by mafia “cops” who work for Bloomberg. He thinks the mafia cops were going to murder him and then blame crackheads.

Also, perhaps Jones needs to be checked for rabies.