Why We Need Gun Control

I agree with John Cole — this video demonstrates why we need gun control, especially when you realize the interviewee is the sort of person who insists on having unfettered access to all firearms.

I want to comment on one thing, which is that comparing the number of people murdered by firearms every year in Great Britain versus the U.S. is not necessarily useful, given the difference in population. So, FYI, according to Wikipedia, the rate of firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people is .25 — note the decimal point — in the UK and 10.2 in the U.S. For homicides with guns, the rate is 3.7 in the U.S. and .04 in the U.K. I doubt blood is running in the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne. Maybe somebody should explain to Alex Jones that “28 Days Later” is fiction.

It’s true that violent crime rates have been dropping for the past several years, but rates of violent crime peaked in the mid-1960s and have been going down ever since. I doubt there is a correlation with guns, one way or another. Some are attributing this decrease in crime to the switch to unleaded gasoline.

Go to Balloon Juice to see the second half of the interview. Then this Alex Jones person issued a follow-up video in which he ranted about being threatened by mafia “cops” who work for Bloomberg. He thinks the mafia cops were going to murder him and then blame crackheads.

Also, perhaps Jones needs to be checked for rabies.

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  1. If that story about lead in the gasoline proves to be true, then after the government took it out of the gasoline, it sure seems like a lot of people started peeling and eating the lead paint in their homes, and eating them with some dip – since, salsa wasn’t exactly as ubiquitous as it is now – or, ranch or melted cheese, or some other dressings.
    The “CRAZY,” continues!

    And, you’ve got to love the fact that Jones, who wants to kick Morgan out of the country for speaking out about the 2nd Amendment’s Constitutional rights to own guns, is willing to throw the 1st Amendment Constitutional rights into the toilet by advocating agaist that right to speak out.
    Must be the fact that the man is some kind of a “furriner,” or somethin’…

    I think Steve M. has this Jones clown nailed – he’s some variety of a TV wrestler – and I don’t mean the kind that I did in HS, or my betters did in the Olympics.
    It’s all a show for the suckers, shilling for the money from the rubes, marks, and morons – ‘Thar’s plenty of money, in them thar shill’s!!!”

  2. Mafia cops? Bloomberg doesn’t end with a vowel. Maybe he meant “Rudy the Skull” was going to have him whacked.

  3. I’m an American Indian. The white man used his guns to commit genocide against the American Indian. It was their intent to make the American Indian extinct. And, that started before there was a U.S. Constitution. Fortunately, they weren’t successful at their goal. That man was a tad bit uncivil, doncha think?

  4. I’m pissing my brother off with a FB discussion about guns… follow along

    The original post was a poster of a Nazi shooting an unarmed man kneeling in the street. The caption – I saw a movie once where only the police and military had guns. It was called Schindler’s list.”

    Douglas Hughes That’s great. But no one is calling for disarmament. There are discussions about how to keep weapons designed for war out of the hands of deranged people. I’m a gun owner – but I’m a bit contemptuous of the NRA declaring that the first time 20 children are slaughtered, everyone overreacts. What do they think is legitimate cause for discussion? If the NRA wants to limit legislation to something sane (which I support) – they need to get to the table with constructive ideas rather than propaganda and resistance.

    Patrick Hughes The propoganda is coming from those who pretend there’s a difference between a “good gun”and a “bad gun”. The gun is a tool, and regardless of the magazine capacity, berrel length, etc, if it’s in the hands of an evil man, it will kill. And the only way to stop that evil man is to stop him physically. Laws won’t stop him… there are already laws against killing people. The logical conclusion of the anti-gunners is total disarmament. Like in Nazi Germany. The best idea I’ve heard so far is from the NRA…. put someone in the schools to stop the evil people, since laws won’t do it.

    Douglas Hughes – There is no liberal movement to disarm all citizens. There are individuals who like the idea, but there are wingnuts who think the 2nd amendment gives any citizen with the money the right to own a fully functional tank or militarized helicopter. Arguing from either polar extreme is a tactic of building a false frame about your opponent’s position. We have a death rate related to firearms that’s 3 to 5 times higher than any industrial nation. The only countries with higher death rates related to firearms are hell-holes on the way to chaos. If you disagree, please point out to me the social utopias of freedom with more liberal gun laws and lower rates of gun-related fatalities. You have the entire world to research for ONE country which meets that criteria.

    Patrick Hughes Switzerland. All homes have guns, by law. Check out the violence rates.

    Douglas Hughes Very good point – Consider that every 18-30 years old Swiss male between has to do three months’ military training, and many more regular refresher courses. Training and permitting should be the crux of gun control legislation. I agree with you that guns are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but a comment by Dave last month to the effect that licensing and proof of competence only makes sense. (Dave, if I am misquoting you we will go back to the original comment.)

    Douglas Hughes Switzerland. It’s an interesting case study… Either the guns are military issue or a permit from the government AND a background check are required. The background check is implicit in military service. So how is it that Switzerland isn’t on an obvious path to Schindler’s list when they HAVE what the NRA is dead set against?

    Patrick Hughes The discussion is pointless. Is the problem with gun violence the result of law abiders or criminals? Answer: Criminals. Who obeys the law, law abiders or criminals? Answer: Law Abiders. Hence, any new law will impact the law abiding people like me, and not address the problem, which is criminal misuse of guns. Therefore, new gun laws will not impact the problem. No room for discussion. So, unless politicians are too dense to understand this first-grade level logic, there is another agenda in the push for new gun laws. And I’m mad because it places innocent children at risk, because this agenda replaces any real effort to protect my children

    Douglas Hughes Laws which put barriers between guns and people who should not have guns are not pointless. Denial of the rate of gun violence in the US which is several times that of countries who have gun regulation is a problem. I repeat – denial of the problem is a problem. Switzerland has a gun culture, gun control and a low rate of gun violence. They have to be doing something right. There IS room for discussion that respects the rights of gun enthusiasts and curtails (not eliminates) tragedies that keep repeating. If conservatives won’t sit down at the table, the legislation that WILL happen will be LESS effective and possibly MORE intrusive than it should be. There has to be room for sensible answers that don’t step on the 2nd.

    conclusion – I didn’t make a dent. If my brother, usually very reasonable, is absolutely convinced we are out to take his guns… that’s the popular conservative opinion. Obama’s election didn’t cause a revolt. Gun control will. I think it’s a fight we will have to have… But the exchange concerns me greatly because Pat is totally convinced he’s fighting a Nazi conspiracy to disarm him – a a prelude to??

  5. But Mr. Jones, we don’t want to take away _your_ guns; we just want to keep them under control; in particular, out of the hands of criminals, children and lunatics. You’re not in any of those groups, are you Mr. Jones?

  6. The problem, or perhaps the blessing, of people with that sort of disjointed thought style (which veers a bit too much toward mania, IMHO) is that they never bother following thoughts all the way out, or connecting the pieces of their delusions in logical ways. He never bothers to wonder about how access to handguns didn’t keep any of those people in tower 7 safe from the vast conspiracy that dropped the tower he is so sure he has evidence of, for example. Does he really think that if we have Reichstag-level evil in a government that has missile-firing drones that a few A-15s are going to matter?

    With many on the right, it’s hard to tell where the line between ‘mean old eccentric coot’ and psychotic paranoid delusion is. But I’m thinking that Alex Jones is about ready for medication.

  7. It’s funny how these 2nd amendment defenders didn’t get so riled up when Bush trampled all over the 4th amendment.. Personally,if I had to choose which one of those amendments I’d dig in my heels over to protect…I’d choose the latter. But,I guess the 4th amendment is already effectively out the window, so might as well concentrate on defending the 2nd.

  8. Small arms are of limited use against modern invasion or tyranny. Iraq has taught the world that invaders must fear IEDs; and Egypt has taught the world that dictators must fear cell-phones.

  9. YOU may not want to take alex’s gun away but I do.Watch that interview again. The purpose of regulations is to keep guns OUT of the hands of deranged nut jobs. This guy is one of them!!! He is exactly the type of flake that makes sleeping hard for the rest of us , knowing this wacko has a gun!If reasonable people think this guy should be allowed to have guns, then screw it, we might as well do nothing at all.

    The most disturbing part of it all is this tells me how weak these “back round checks” are. HE PASSED IT. Hows that workin for ya? What the hell good are back round checks if they end up passing out guns to nuts? This joker never even passed for sane and it seems he has had no trouble procuring guns. And no one is suggesting that we want to take his guns? Why the hell not?

    Wanna know something, I bet I could interview any gun person and find that same little inner nut job. Even the “sane” ones think they are gonna save my purse by opening fire on the “bad guy” in a crowded public place and my” stupid liberal ass” will thank them! (because I didn’t have another hairbrush and lip gloss?). Try to engage in a conversation about guns with a gun nut. A real conversation, respectful and with tact. You will see the same result, name calling, finger pointing, frightening delusional behavior one would expect from someone who used meth, and plenty of foaming at the mouth. These are not people stable enough to own guns.

    I see a market for segways finally. I want one with a bullet proof glass booth.On a really freaky night maybe I will find someone to bump booths with. Hey wasn’t one of the commandments “Thou shall not kill?” I kinda expected the bad guys probably were not gonna follow that RULE, but if the “good guys” are not gonna follow it either there is no “good guys” left.

    And as for this militia crap, listen I don’t always like our presidents. Little bushie jr comes to my mind, because if ever we needed a militia to protect us from what our government was doing we were pretty damn close to that extreme, but even then I would not have taken kindly to any fringe group like the NRA overthrowing MY rightly elected government. Now we can argue all day about the shady way the elections took place and I wont disagree, but that issue was resolved, though not to our liking and that was final. I didn’t want another country coming to save us from our evil leader (like we did to Iraq) and I wouldn’t have stood by anyone who tried. We are correcting the bush years now thru the election process which is how we do things here in America. We don’t load up truck loads of gun toting bubba’s to smoke em out.

    Ask ted nugent about threatening the President, yet we have the gun nuts on tv bragging about how they may need to overthrow our government at will- ahhh and they have stockpiles of guns. Sorry but that is a real threat. As an American I take that as a real threat to my country. One of their flakier members will feel obligated to do his “duty” hoping to be a hero to the cause, Someone need to tell these morons that they may NOT overthrow our government. And seriously? We are going to let them have more guns to make threats against our elected government?THESE folks have such poor judgement they should not be allowed to own fire arms and now they are going to decide when our government needs over thrown?Isn’t that terrorism?
    hmmmm maybe the constitution shouldn’t apply to enemy combatants.

    Doesn’t the fact that they feel they not only have that power , but the right to use it at will bother you just a little? Do you want alex to decide?

  10. Arizona (!) recently had a buy-back programs for people who had guns they didn’t want. The intent was to destroy the weapons. Well, the NRA jihadists swooped in and declared that under AZ law, “abandoned” property had to be auctioned off. “Every Sperm (make that “Gun”) is Sacred”, you know.

  11. I admit, I haven’t watched the video yet. It’s too early in the morning for Alex Jones, maybe I can handle it later.

    But, I have to note that Doug’s conversation with his brother actually ranks among the most civil I have encountered, most seem to quickly border on a slugfest.

    Justme277 wrote:

    “Wanna know something, I bet I could interview any gun person and find that same little inner nut job. Even the “sane” ones think they are gonna save my purse by opening fire on the “bad guy” in a crowded public place”

    I was thinking of someone like George Zimmerman. I suppose I should wait for the trial, but, let’s say that there was a person who is not very bright, who has poor impulse control and is inclined to mistrust certain types of people. None of those characteristics would trip the alarm during a background check. But, given the right set of circumstances, those qualities could result in someone getting killed. I don’t know if George Zimmerman was eagerly waiting for the opportunity to kill someone. I hope the truth comes out in the trial. But, at the least, he made a series of bad decisions and he fell into a fantasy world where he was the “good guy” protecting other good people. He didn’t have the training, the experience or the discipline to the handle the situation. It ended tragically. Without the gun, it would have been a different type of altercation.

    If there is a point to this, I guess it’s that everyone agrees that crazy people with guns are really dangerous, but jerks with guns are dangerous too.

  12. To Mr. Jones,
    Most fishermen follow the laws that the government has regarding how many fish you can catch in a set period of time.

    And most hunters abide to the limit of deer or ducks, or whatever, they can shoot in a season.

    Maybe, if we can’t eliminate military weapons from the arsenals of gun enthusiasts, or the number of bullets in a magazine, we can set a limilt on how many children, or mall shoppers, or movie viewers, or fellow employees, a killer can “bag” in an incident.
    How about, say, 6.
    “Ok, Mr. Lanza, stop firing. You’ve reached your limit!”

    No one wants to stop hunters from having a few rifles.
    No one wants to stop homeowners from having a shotgun or handgun to “protect” their family.
    But there are many of us who want to stop people from having more arms than the Union Forces had stored at Harper’s Ferry.
    Many of us want a waiting period and mental exam, before someone can purchase a gun.
    And many of us want to prevent a family or individual from owning weapons that only a military force should have access to – and yes, that means fighter jets, aircraft carriers, tanks, bazooka’s, drone missilis, automatics, semi-automatic’s, and magazines that hold more than 6 bullets.

    Is that too much to ask?

  13. Mr. Jones,
    I almot forgot, we also want mandatory annual safety classes, mental health checks, and registration and insurance on each and every weapon – all paid for by the gun owner.

  14. Wow, I finally watched the clip. I think I know why Alex Jones’s voice is so scratchy sounding.

    About half way through Piers Morgan asks, “Are you finished?” Alex Jones says, “yes”. After a few nanoseconds, he evidently decided he had a few more words to say.

  15. Alan Dershowitz (ok, granted, not my favorite person in the world) in essence said of Jones after that interview: “In the courtroom, we wouldn’t consider him a witness; we’d consider him an exhibit. After hearing him speak, no one would want that man to have access to firearms.”

  16. I see a market for segways finally. I want one with a bullet proof glass booth.On a really freaky night maybe I will find someone to bump booths with.

    Wiping away tears of laughter! Man, I needed that.

  17. Try not to be surprised – KBR, Dick Cheney’s old company, was knowingly poisoning our troop early in the Iraq War/Occupation, by telling them that a higly carcinogenic chemical was a “mild irritant.”
    And, now that the sick and dying soldiers, and the families of the ones who died are suing, they want the government(we taxpayers) to pay.


    As to that, I’ll echo General McAuliffe response to the Nazi troops nearing Bastogne, wanting him to surrender: “NUTS!”

  18. Just listened to the video. They should DEFINITELY take his guns away. And any sharp objects in his house. Utterly unhinged.

  19. Tom_B,
    I think he’s like Aiken and Mourdock, talking in public about abortion, like they would in private, with fellow anti-choice travelers.

    Jones was talking like he was having an argument with an empty chair in front of an NRA meeting.
    Or, he really may be this nuts.

    Or, maybe it was a fine example of theater of the absurd.

  20. BWA-ha-ha! From HuffPo:

    At least one person agreed that Jones was a terrible spokesman for gun rights: Glenn Beck. Speaking on his radio show Tuesday, he said that Morgan had chosen well if his intention was to discredit the pro-gun movement.

    “Piers Morgan is trying to have gun control,” Beck said. “He is trying to make everybody who has guns and who believes the Second Amendment to be a deterrent to an out of control government look like a madman. So now he immediately books the madman and makes him look like a conservative.”

    Hey pot, meet kettle! Piers, I suggest you invite Glenn Beck on your show so he can double-underscore the gun nuttery.

  21. Jones cites suicides at the leading cause of deaths in the United States but doesn’t he realize that every one of those suicides carries with it he possibility of a mass murder. Adam Lanza committed suicide as do most of the perpetrators of mass shootings. They all seem to understand they are embarking on a one way trip when they decide to check out and take others with them.There is no way to counter the sickness that dwells in the minds of men, but we can reduce some of the means by which they are able to commit wholesale slaughter.That’s the best we can do. Proliferation of guns in society doesn’t address the problem…it just adds to it.

    In part, the prayer of St Francis kinda speaks to understanding our situation and should direct our national discourse.. To accept the things we cannot change, to change the things we can..and the wisdom to know the difference.

  22. I always find it amusing when gun nuts use Switzerland as a positive example when they have a HIGHLY REGULATED militia where the government keeps inventory on every round fired by its citizens.

    Let these idiots have all the bloody guns they want. But the Second Amendment says nothing about ammo. Forget gun control–we need highly regulated ammo control. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  23. Jones got his notoriety by starting a petition to have Piers deported…He called Piers a “Red Coat”..Personally, I would have really insulted Piers if given a chance by calling him a lobsterback.

    Don’t tread on me!

  24. Oh the irony! (again). While Alex was fixated on new, minor “suggestions” about fire arms, the government decided to do away with Social Security checks, and institute “direct deposit”. Now everyone has to have a bank account to get their “entitlement” check.
    Talk about conspiracy….

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