Because We Can’t Control Stupid …

Veep Joe Biden says he will have recommendations for gun control measures this Tuesday. The Veep said yesterday that he’s seeing a lot of support for a universal background check law. No more gun show loophole. Limiting magazine capacity also appears to be popular.

You might have heard there was another school shooting yesterday, in California. The shooter, a 16-year-old, had a 12-guage shotgun. One student was severely wounded but is still alive as of this morning. Another student and a science teacher were slightly injured. The science teacher was able to talk the boy into putting down his gun.

There is speculation, but no confirmation that I’ve seen, that the school had an armed guard.

We’ll never know, but it’s possible that if the young man had been carrying an AR-15 semi-auto military rifle with a 30-round magazine instead of the 12-guage, there would have been many more casualties. This is assuming the shooter had a standard or even a pump-action shotgun — meaning he would have to do something between rounds to make the gun work — and not one of the newer auto-loading types.

There’s a push to start using the phrase “gun safety” instead of “gun control,” in an effort to win over some of the second amendment absolutists. The theory is that the absolutists are afraid of the word “control” but are likely to feel all warm and fuzzy about “safety.” I suppose it won’t hurt, but remember who you are dealing with. Don’t expect it to work.

In other wingnut news, we see that algebra is a liberal plot. Fox News host Eric Bolling learned that students are being asked to solve distributive property problems in algebra class and assumed this was some kind of socialism. One does wonder if this crew is bright enough to find their own butts.