What Does the GOP Want?

In our last episode, we learned that Republicans want to change the rules so that corporations and empty land count as people, but actual voters are only 3/5ths of a person.

Today the New York Times editorial page is getting downright shrill, and not just because of the vote rigging thing (Charles Blow, “Rig the Vote“). Get a load of the lead editorial:

For most of President Obama’s first term, Republicans used legislative trickery to try to prevent the functioning of two federal agencies they hate, the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. First they would filibuster the president’s nominees to the agencies, knowing that neither agency could operate without board members or a director. Then they would create fake legislative sessions for the Senate during its recess, intended solely to prevent Mr. Obama from making recess appointments as an end run.

Astonishingly, a federal appeals court upheld this strategy on Friday. Mr. Obama had declared that Congress was not really open for business during its one-minute, lights-on-lights-off sessions intended only to thwart him, and he made recess appointments. A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said his N.L.R.B. appointments were unconstitutional, buying the argument of Republicans that the Senate was really in session.

The court even broke with the presidential practice of 150 years by ruling that only vacancies arising during a narrow recess period qualify for recess appointments.

See also “Yet More GOP Obstruction.”

Steve M notes the SCOTUS will review the Voting Rights Act this year, also — “I think it’s safe to say that the fix is in.” Nice republic you had there, while it lasted.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Rubin snarks about Democratic Party totalitarianism; Peggy Noonan warns that President Obama is out to crush the Republican Party; the Ace of Spades thinks “we must do something about the media” because its been allowed to say nice things about Hillary Clinton; and some guy at World Nut Daily asks, “Is Obama Biblical Lord of the Flies?” You can’t make that up. Well, WND can, but I couldn’t.

18 thoughts on “What Does the GOP Want?

  1. And Good Ol’ Harry “Fightin’ (NOT!!!)” Reid, basically gave the keys to the Senate to Mitch “Yertle, The Anit-Gay Gay Turtle” McConnell, for the next 2 to 4 years, because neither he, nor a handful of other ancient Democratic Senators wanted to actually vote for, you know, sh*t that their Democratic constituents actually wanted them to feckin’ vote for – and the threat of a filibuster lets these elderly assclowns say, while they service their corporate masters, “Well, hey, of course I would have supported _____________________! But thanks to Republicans filibustering, we didn’t have the 60 votes necessary to pass it. So, better luck next time!”

    Harry Reid proved that he is both a coward and a fool.
    And next time be whines about obstruction, everyone ought to call him, and tell him to STFU! You had your chance, but you were too cowardly and foolish to do what the Republicans will SURELY do, the next time they’re in power in the Senate!
    If anyone thinks that the Republicans will play nice for the next 2 to 4 years, and then, if the idea of gerrymandered districts determining battleground states Electoral College votes goes through, and a Republican wins the Presidency, and the Republicans gain the Senate, and they don’t use the “Nuclear Option,” and change the filibuster, and make Harry Reid look like the biggest chump since the guy who sold everything waiting for the Mayan Armegeddon, then you can join Senator Reid in the “Fools Hall of Shame!”

    Thanks to Harry and some other ancient Democratic assclown Senators, as one Democrat said about President Obama, ‘He might as well go on vacation for the next 4 year.’
    $%!*!!! #@&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gulag ….Don’t be so hard on Harry…You try dealing with a bunch crazed bagger and see how long your resolve will last. I not saying Harry has done the best that could have been done,I’m just saying consider what he’s got to contend with. In street/ construction worker venacluar id be…Eff that job, man, there ain’t enough money!

  3. What Does the GOP Want?

    They want to do the bidding of their corporate overlords and lobbyists. Democracy and serving the American people is just an obstacle in their path.

  4. What Does the GOP Want?

    That’s easy:
    Total political, societal, and cultural dominance!
    In other words, as many “Thousand Year Reich’s” as they can get.

    Party Over Country!

  5. How about driving them homos back into the closet? The Repugs are looking to recapture the halcyon days of the 1950’s..I want my country back!

  6. “What Does the GOP Want?” All hate, all the time. And Feudalism. With stoning and all that. And jailing raped women for aborting fetuses and, thus, “destroying evidence”.

  7. “What Does the GOP Want?”

    I’ve been wrestling with that question for some time now, and am embarrassed to admit that I haven’t a clue. Sure, I kinda know what they DON’T want: taxes, environmental and financial regulations, mandatory health insurance, gun control, separation of church and state, reproduction rights for women, to name a few. But what end results are the Republicans are looking for?


    And how’s that going to work?

  8. muldoon..That’s an interesting approach to finding the answer to what the repugs really want. Deduce from what they don’t want to find out what they do. Although no answer derived with any degree of exactness can be extrapolated because the issues are in constant flux. But we can see qualities surface that expose their underhanded tatics in achieving their objectives.

    Look at the vaginal probe…Was concern for women’s health the real objective.

  9. What they want is pretty obvious—-Control of everything.
    So many factions, the super rich, the upper middle class country clubers, the nascar dads,The ecoinomic collapse preppers,and the bible beating rustics; all lead by Bucolic Buffalo from “Tumble Weeds”.A parade of toxic waste.
    On a high note, FOX has dumped the GOP Godess of the Artic (AKA the “Fluffer” from Wasilla.

  10. @Swami,

    If Senate Majority Leader Reid had ever shown any backbone, your statement would be correct. The problem is, he has never shown any backbone and I believe that is why he was initially chosen to be the Majority Leader.

  11. Sometimes I like to contemplate the deep contradictions in the things the GOP wants. Like a limited government that ensures that not a single person ever crosses the border without proper authorization. That’s one of my favorites.

  12. What do they want? C O N T R O L

    There are two sides to this coin. They DO want control of the plebes. Abortion, Contraception – Punish pregnancy outside of wedlock to affect the sex habits of single women. Anti-Union – Anti Unemployment Insurance – Anti Equal Pay for Women – Anti Workplace Safety – Force the plebes to work at the wages set by the overlords or let them starve.

    The other side of the coin – They don’t want the plebes to control them. No government regulation of banking practices – workplace safety – environmental protection. ‘Equal taxes’ – flat rate and/or balanced budget amendment that puts spending control outside of the reach of the people and the Congress.

    It’s not about the money – it’s about control.

  13. Paul Krugman is on Cup O’ Schmoe’s show right now.

    He’s trying to explain things to them about the economy, the deficit, entitlements (Earned Benefits), and jobs – and how the priority ought to be jobs, jobs, jobs.

    The idiots on the show keep talking about lowering the deficit, cutting entitlements, and higher interest rates. Richard Haass keeps mentioning the interest rates, and Krugman’s trying his best not to call him a feckin’ idjit this early in the morning.

    Dr. K might as well be speaking in Ancient Sumarian.

    The look on Richard Haass’ face as Krugman’s talking, looks like a chimp’s might, if he was just handed a Rubix Cube and asked to solve it.

  14. Oh, and who does he have on right after Krugman leaves?

    That feckin’ epic nitwit, Congresscritter Marsha Blackburn.


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