New Adventures of the Fetus People

If this doesn’t make you want to bite the wall and howl at the moon, nothing will.

An abortion clinic sitting in a residential area of Wichita, Kansas poses a safety hazard to the surrounding community, pro-life activists argued to the Wichita City Council this week.

This is the abortion clinic that once was operated by the late George Tiller, who was murdered by a “right to life” activist. Keep that in mind.

Representatives from local pro-life groups, including Kansans for Life, Operation Rescue, Word of Life Church and the Kansas Coalition for Life, appeared in front of the Wichita City Council Tuesday to convince government officials to rezone the neighborhood surrounding South Wind Women’s Center to prohibit abortions. The clinic is located on the city’s eastside at Kellogg and Bleckley.

The pro-life representatives told city council that South Wind Women’s Center poses a safety threat to the surrounding residential community, and employees at the clinics are often aggressive towards pro-life advocates seeking to provide pregnancy alternatives to women entering the clinic.

“Some of the clinic workers are aggressive and harassing toward the pro-life people who are attempting to offer help to abortion-bound women. An escalation of their hostile behavior has every possibility of spilling out into the neighborhood, causing a safety concern to residents along Bleckley,” Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue, one of the pro-life groups present at the meeting, told the council. “An abortion business does not belong in a residential neighborhood,” Sullenger added, according to LifeSite news.

What they are saying here is that because they are are aggressive and obnoxious jerks who harass women entering the clinic, and sometimes the clinic staff express a hostile attitude about this, the clinic must be moved.

The pro-life groups also argued in a joint press release that it is inappropriate for schoolchildren commuting past the clinic to see protest signs depicting graphic images relating to abortion.

Yes, you read that right. They want the neighborhood to be shielded from the inappropriate signs they are carrying. The clinic must be moved somewhere where they can be obnoxious and carry inappropriate signs with impunity, or something.

It gets better. Today one of the Fetus People accused the clinic of trying to provoke a shooting incident. Like the one that killed George Tiller, maybe?

Mark Gietzen, chairman of the Kansas Coalition for Life, said he believes the South Wind Women’s Center is allowing volunteers to escort women into the clinic in hopes that they will harass the anti-abortion protesters outside and provoke a shooting. He said Julie Burkhart, the founder and owner of the clinic, would blame the incident on the protesters in order to raise money.

Gietzen also said it’s possible that the father or boyfriend of the woman seeking an abortion might show up to the clinic angry and armed because they disapprove of the abortion, and a security guard or nearby protester could end up getting shot.

Are we biting the wall yet?


Haha, we think that is supposed to be a joke, but godDAMN, it’s a bad one, isn’t it? Everyone knows that most “pro-lifers” are really super nice people who do not do violent things or terrorize anyone, and that the most prominent “pro-life” organizations do not condone violence. Except those like, say, the most famous “pro-life” organization, Operation Rescue, which hired Cheryl Sullenger as its senior policy advisor after she served her time in federal prison for conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic, but hey, she has SO renounced violence since then, and it’s a TOTES coincidence that she helped Scott Roeder stalk Dr. Tiller and then murder him. That was an isolated incident anyway. Just like the thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of other isolated incidents of violence and terrorism by “pro-lifers” against doctors and their patients.

Besides, as Gietzen points out, it’s really the clinic’s fault for provoking and antagonizing the protesters in the first place, what with the clinic being there and all, and if the clinic does not want to get blowed up, or its employees and volunteers and patients do not want to get shot, well, then, the clinic just shouldn’t be there, should it?

I say the FPs are terrorists, and they should be treated as such.

19 thoughts on “New Adventures of the Fetus People

  1. “I say the FPs are terrorists, and they should be treated as such”

    I agree send in the Drones!

  2. It’s like that old story about the highwayman who said “Stand and deliver, or I shall be forced to shoot you, and you shall have made me a murderer, and your children orphans!”

    The Fetus People do tend to forget that, despite their opposition, what’s happening in those clinics is people exercising their legal (at least for now) rights.

    My recent brainstorm: Clinics should open firing ranges and gun clubs in their buildings. Then they could probably sell tickets to the face-offs when the Fetus People got in the way of the Gun Nuts on their way to practice their 2nd Amendment rights.

  3. … and a security guard or nearby protester could end up getting shot.

    That’s straight out of Goodfellas. “A went over to B’s house, and they started arguing, and A had a gun, and B ended up getting shot.”

    Nice rhetorical company they’re keeping.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there is no such thing as a pro-lifer. There are anti-abortionists, but these tend to be pro-war, and/or pro-gun and/or pro-capital-punishment. And even ‘seamless garment’ pacifist nuns must depend upon the Church, with its (*ahem*) checkered history.

    There is no such thing as a pro-lifer because this is not a pro-life universe. It’s a pro-choice universe. The Book of Genesis says as much, and science agrees; nothing material is eternal, yet even subatomic particles are unpredictable.

  5. “Your Honor, tell my wife to keep her F*CKIN’ mouth shut, to help end our household’s ever-increasing cycle of domestic violence!
    Oh, my kids, too!!
    And especially tell my slutty teenage daughter not to dress provocatively, or else the household may also have child sexual abuse charges!!!
    Thank you, Your Honor.”

    These “Pro-life” people are religious, misogynistic, Manichean bullies.

    I also want to compliment @paradoctor on his comment.

    They only care about “life” from conception, to birth.
    After a woman’s term of “Forced Labor” is completed, they don’t care a thing about the “life” of the mother or the child!

  6. And now I need to go to the hardware store. To get spackle. To fill in the teeth marks. In the walls.

    Thanks, Obama!

  7. If not for the sarcastic humor, I would have no relief valve. My walls and my teeth thank you, fellow commenters.

  8. What is the matter with Kansas? Start with some of the people living there and add in at least two wealthy fools who have since left to take their reign of money to the rest of us (the Koch Brothers).

    Andreew jackson had the bizarre notion of sending all the eastern Indians to Oklahoma. Maybe we ought to encourage all the fetus people to re-locate to Kansas. At least it would restrict the damage.

  9. This reminds me of a Fabulous Thunderbirds song: “This whole worlds gone crazy, think I’ve seen enough, I’m gonna sleep forever; Why get up?

    I had my own experience with a Kansas abortion clinic. Before moving to Iowa I lived in a small town south of Kansas city. One of my best gal pals once borrowed my car to go obtain an abortion. Her husband was packing some dangerous swimmers that could outsmart a condom AND the pill- and she had 4 beautiful kids to prove itThe last born was a special needs child that consumed every thing she had to care for, but knowing the child was not expected to live longer than about 4 years she set out to make them the best years a child could have. I was in awe of her as a mother she never dropped the ball. Ask the other 3 kids today if they got less attention because their mom was caring for their sibling and you will get a resounding NO! She was SUPER mom..

    Till one day I walked in to her home to find her slumped over..paralyzed with grief. She was pregnant with number 5. She lost it as she told me how she just couldn’t. She told me what it took to be super mom every single day, sick or not. She couldn’t carry the child and care for a handicapped child plus 3 others, let alone deal with the baby.
    She was forced to make the choice- give her special needs child all the care he deserved for his short life(which ended up being 5 yrs) or put all 5 of them at risk of not having a good mom at all. It was gut wrenching for her..

    Their car was not dependable enough to make the trip. I had an old ltd that used to be a grandmas car, so it was a flawless giant yellow boat. We all knew what pro lifers did to women going to get an abortion but we figured the tank would keep them safe. I didn’t go. I sent her and her husband off while I took the kids. They broke every window in my car, thru fake blood on it, smeared feces on the dashboard, littered my car with papers that said murderer on them and when my friend left the clinic they threw a cup of piss on her. Then as my friends husband drove away the police stopped THEM and gave them a ticket for having a broken windshield and broken head and tail lights that cost an additional 200.00. Gotta love Kansas!

  10. erinyes, cund: I live to serve.
    maha: I said that science and Genesis agree that the universe is pro-choice and not pro-life. What perspective does Buddhism have on this? The transience of all existence, certainly; but is freedom of the will a reality within Buddhism?

    • paradoctor — Actually, free will is enormously important in Buddhism, because in the end our life, moment to moment, is just an accumulation of choices. Where we are right now, good or bad, is the result of all the choices we’ve made up to now. This is, basically, the law of karma, a Sanskrit word that means “volitional action.” Buddhism is unique among the traditions that grew out of Vedanta in that it teaches we are not doomed by past unskillful choices, because we can choose to change course. Past karma can be mitigated by current actions.

  11. “when my friend left the clinic they threw a cup of piss on her”

    Well that wasn’t very christ like! They must have been having a bad day?

  12. Jeopardy bonus round.. Daily Double for 400 points. Category: Fallen Angels.

    “We never had sex sex,” he says, glancing at the car to make sure that Elliott and Jonathan are asleep. “I bought drugs and a massage from him, and he masturbated me at the end of it. That’s it.

    Who is it?

  13. Yeah, sex sex! That’s not a typo; even though my internet explorer spell check detected it as such. It’s more like the river in Egypt.

    That quote is from the upstanding man of God Ted Haggard.. A typical fetus person who couldn’t get the words of condemnation out of his mouth fast enough toward those who hold a contrary view to his beliefs. But as you can see by the quote above even when he gets pinned down by the reality of who and what he truly is.. the best he can do is split the truth in an effort to avoid facing it.

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