Former U.S. Attorney Defames Hobbits

This is just bizarre. For some unfathomable reason, James O’Keefe attempted to harass the U.S. Attorney whose office brought phone tampering charges against him awhile back. And the ex-attorney wasn’t having it, and he told O’Keefe off in robust terms. And O’Keefe released a video of this. As Betty Cracker says,

Former Breitbart rent-boy James O’Keefe must think the word “veritas” means “punch myself in the face:” … I’m no expert at “gotcha” video production and editing, but it seems like a bad idea to lead with three-plus minutes of the target establishing utter and complete pwnage. What’s he going to do for an encore, pour kerosene on his crotch and light a match?

No Shame

There’s a lot of talk about intervening in Syria. I have no idea what’s going to happen in Syria, or even what ought to happen in Syria, but my sense of the situation is that there’s no “good” side. And we know that whatever President Obama does or does not do will be loudly denounced as being the wrong thing.

Among those solemnly telling us that we have a duty to intervene in Syria is Jeffrey Goldberg, for pity’s sake. In a sane world, Goldberg would be forever enjoined from writing about war, or foreign policy, or anything more serious than restaurant reviews.

Speaking of Iraq, don’t miss CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran, which really shouldn’t be news to any of you regulars.