Let’s Audit Rand Paul’s Head, and Other News

Sen. Rand “Aqua Buddha” Paul is threatening to put a hold on Janet Yellen’s confirmation for chair of the Federal Reserve. His intention is to hold the nomination hostage in exchange for allowing his “audit the fed” bill to come to a vote. Whether he has the support among other Republicans to pull this off is an open question.

Surprise! Texas taxpayers are funding charter schools teaching nonsense, like Darwin causing the Holocaust. No one could have imagined such a thing, huh?

Charles Pierce writes about a pregnant Wisconsi woman who was jailed on suspicion of taking drugs that would harm the fetus, even though drug tests showed no trace of those drugs. At one point she was denied access to a lawyer. However, the Court helpfully appointed a lawyer for the fetus. See also Pregnant? That Might Get You Arrested about similar cases.

See also In many states, “fetal rights” laws are putting pregnant women in jail.

Lynn M. Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, told the Times her organization has documented hundreds of cases in which women like Beltran were arrested or detained in the name of “fetal rights.”

“This is what happens when laws give officials the authority to treat fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses as if they are already completely separate from the pregnant woman,” she said.

In El Salvador, and elsewhere in Latin America, women are serving prison sentences for having miscarriages, because they can’t prove they hadn’t had abortions. Yes, it can happen here.

Jaclyn Friedman’s piece on the Men’s Rights Movement is a must read. Friedman thinks men have legitimate grievances, but the Men’s Rights Movement is actually making it harder to address those grievances. That’s because the MRA amounts to the new He-Man Women Haters Club, a bunch of misogynist weenies who think women are manipulative bitches who make up stories about being raped and abused to oppress innocent men.

See above about women being jailed for being pregnant.

16 thoughts on “Let’s Audit Rand Paul’s Head, and Other News

  1. “hundreds of cases in which women like Beltran were arrested or detained in the name of “fetal rights.””

    The States in question will sorely regret the millions of dollars in damages they will be levied.

  2. Has anyone ever called Rand Paul a chip off the old blockhead? Probably, because it’s a perfect description. With Ron Paul, I think a lot of the deranged theories and bizarre obsessions are at least his own, but I doubt that Rand has ever had an original idea in his entire life. A moron brought up and educated by a crackpot.

  3. Someone on twitter suggested Paul’s hold threat was toothless, because in the absence of a Fed Chair, the duties would fall to the Vice Chair, who is Yellen.

    • “I suspect that these Men’s Right Movement guys have never had sex with a conscience woman.”

      They can’t deal with women who are sentient.

  4. I doubt that Rand has ever had an original idea in his entire life

    But he’s cunning, in the way that George Bush was cunning. Anyone who comes up with his own Opthamalogy board, making himself president, and his wife vice-president, so he can recertify himself as a “board certified opthamalogist” has at least cunning if not chutzpah.

  5. Auditing Rand Paul’s head, would reveal nothing.
    Literally – nothing: N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!
    You’d have to travel pretty far up in space, to find that complete a vacuum.

    And I know it’s an old and trite line, but yet again our “Pro-Life” Fundie’s prove that, for them, “life” begins at conception, and ends at birth.

    ‘Will no one rid of us of the meddlesome Priests, Preachers, Ministers, etc…?’
    AND their sociopathic, Authoritarian, misogynistic, buttinsky, followers?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

  6. moonbat…That thing about Rand Paul reminds me of my early days starting out in business as a carpenter. I obtained a $5.00 membership in The Guild Of Master Craftsmen when I couldn’t even drive a nail straight.. I was all thumbs. Then I used to advertise my membership in the Pennysaver news classifieds when soliciting carpentry work.. Had I been smart and dishonest I could have saved the 5 bucks and used the title without being a member or created my own noble sounding organization dedicated to excellence.

    If you don’t blow your own horn, nobody is going to blow it for you!

  7. I would like to see a federal women’s Bill of Rights which enumerated and specifically affirmed a woman’s right to control over her own body – make that her own self. That’s medically, sexual choices, freedom from detention unless charged with a crime. If redneck states want to give the state control over a fetus, let them remove the fetus and lock it up without violating the woman’s rights.

    But the kicker is – after specifically affirming certain human rights that no man would deny then let that law enable women to sue in federal court for violations and specify that a jury of her peers must be all women in a civil suit for violations.

  8. When I get the feeling that we’re slipping into “The Handmaid’s Tale”, I find that I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a woman of reproductive age. The only thing I can do is to TRY to understand.

    The Men’s Rights Movement guys seem like a smorgasbord of abnormal psychology. Jaclyn Friedman certainly hit several nails squarely on the head. One of the most telling observations is that the MRM activists never seem to propose changes in the law or policy that would achieve their goals and they reject action that would achieve a positive result for BOTH men and women. It was a pretty depressing article.

    I can’t help but, think back a few decades to when I was a sprout in high school. Even then there were boys coming of age who were clearly marked for an ugly end as far as relationships were concerned. These weren’t the “nerds” of that distant time, or the remarkable unremarkable, of which I was one. The nerds always seemed to have kind hearts. The men of the MRM seem so twisted and narcissistic that they have become a danger to themselves and to others. It’s as if the social awkwardness of pubescence endured and festered. They never found a way out of it. They must have miserable lives and they’re eager to spread the misery around. They seem like they’re all waiting for a victim to stalk.

  9. Swami,
    We’d have to out-do the Medieval monks in there, singing Gregorian Chants while flogging themselves and one-another with metal-beaded whips which can pierce their hair-shirts.

    And you know that Marcus wishes he could join them.

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