Where Are Their Heads?

This is a new game I’m proposing — Where Are Their Heads? This is an easy game, along the lines of the great game for the drunk or stoned, Find Your Feet. That one’s fun for babies, too.

First round — The Taxi and Limousine Commission has suspended the license of a New York cab driver because he was wearing a Nazi arm band on the job. The guy says he is a true blue National Socialist and has a right to wear the arm band, and I suppose he does, but that doesn’t mean the Taxi and Limousine Commission didn’t have authority to suspend his ass for offending the customers.

Here’s the thing — we’re not talking about a skinhead white supremacist. The suspended cabbie, Gabriel Diaz, is African American.

Where is his head?

Second round — Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Mississippi) is facing a primary challenge from a teabagger named Chris McDaniel. Sen. Cochran’s wife has long been debilitated by dementia and has been in a nursing home since 2000. McDaniel has accused Cochran of having an affair, possibly with a staffer.

(Cochran is 76 and his wife has been hospitalized for 14 years and is said to be in an advanced vegetative state, and frankly if he were in a discrete relationship with another lady it’s nobody’s damn business. Have some humanity, people. But whether he is or not hasn’t been proved.)

Some whackjob teabagger blogger named Clayton Thomas Kelly is a supporter of McDaniel, and to “help” his candidate he broke into the nursing home, made a video of Mrs. Cochran, and posted it on his blog. He has been arrested and the blog post deleted. But even if what he did weren’t illegal, how was that supposed to help McDaniel? I understand this was supposed to support the affair theory, but WTF?

Where is his head?

Bonus points — McDaniel and his campaign manager have been telling different stories about when McDaniel knew about the incident. This is the big league, guys; the first rule is to keep your stories straight. Where are their heads?