The Marriage Rights Tsunami

Federal courts throughout the land have been striking down same-sex marriage bans so quickly it’s hard to keep up. A federal appeals court just this afternoon issued a stay in Idaho, so that same-sex marriages cannot be performed or recognized in Idaho until the appeal is decided. But that’s been the only speed bump so far. Now the entire northeast U.S. is gay-marriage friendly.

A judge who just ruled in favor of recognizing same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania is not only a G.W. Bush appointee; he also was endorsed by Rick Santorum.

The Pennsylvania judge and some others have been citing a dissent by Antonin Scalia, who warned that striking down a portion of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, would pave the way for states to do the same and allow same-sex marriage. Looks like Don Scalia was right, for once.

It’s a Printed Book, I Think!

I spent all day yesterday giving my files formatted for printing The Book one more read-through, and I uploaded files last night, and this morning I went through the final approval process for making the book available to order.

This is a print-on-demand book, meaning that Create Space/Amazon prints and ships copies as they are ordered. If somebody orders one book, they print and bind one copy and ship it. I know they’re using new technologies to do this, because this couldn’t have been done cost effectively back when I was doing book production management.

I understand it will take two or three days before the book shows up on Amazon, but it’s my understanding that you can order from Create Space now, through this page. Or not. I expected to get a “congratulations your book is for sale” message and haven’t seen it.