Moth, Meet Flame

My impression is that Bowe Bergdahl didn’t fit into miilitary life and was unpopular with the other guys in his unit, although that could be wrong. He had been home-schooled and was possibly unskilled at fitting into a group. His Wikipedia profile, which seems unbiased, is of someone who just plain didn’t know how to “play along.”

That said, the viciousness of the Right’s attack on Bergdahl and his family, especially his father, does remind one of a school of hungry piranha. Typical behavior for them, though. And it seems the announcement of Bergdahl’s release was barely out of anyone’s lips before congressional Republicans were screaming for investigations and hearings.

Next week, there will be a news story about President Obama eating a tuna fish sandwich, and congressional Republicans will call for an investigation of the tuna industry and its possible connections to the Administration.

There’s a lot that we don’t know about this case, but there’s nothing about it I’ve heard so far that breaks with long-established precedent involving presidents and prisoner exchanges. And we all know that if a Republican president had done exactly the same thing, the Right would be ready to carve his head next to George Washington’s on Mount Rushmore.

Fox News is running a story that the intelligence community investigated Bergdahl’s conduct. The article quotes an unnamed “counterterrorism official” hinting that Bergdahl possibly corroborated with the enemy. The right-wing side of the Web is linking to this article as proof that Bergdahl is a traitor, even through all that presumed investigation hasn’t led to anyone actually charging him with anything. That could still happen, of course. But even if he is never charged or even is exonerated, don’t expect anyone on the Right to change his or her mind. Anyone named Bergdahl living in a red state might want to change his name, or move.

We’re going to be hearing about Bergdahl from now until the 2016 elections. Whether this story will have any impact on people who don’t already have Obama Derangement Syndrome remains to be seen. It might actually make the majority of Americans more exhausted with wingnuts than they already are.

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