Believe It, or Not

A guy at Brookings looked for a correlation between anti-ACA ads, mostly paid for by the Koch boys, and found one. Yes, it appears the anti-ACA ads increased ACA enrollment. People in states heavily bombarded by Koch ads were more likely to learn about the insurance exchanges and sign up. They were also more likely to beieve that Congress would repeal Obamacare at any time, so they may have rushed to take advantage of the program before it disappeared.

A circuit judge just un-gerrymandered Florida. Heh.

In our famous laboratories of democracy called states, a number of Republican governors have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Laffer Curve is a fantasy, and cutting business and other taxes while also cutting government spending and social services does not grow the economy. In fact, it holds economic growth back. Not that actual proof will put any dents in right-wing anti-tax ideology.

On the less happy side, a Bundy-style militia headed by a Texas “open carry” fanatic is forming to patrol the border, and they say they will shoot anyone who tries to cross. Yes, we need a bunch of tough-talking he-men with maximum firepower to protect us from … children?

I say we keep the children and deport the he-men. Or, we could paint a rosy picture of their right to open carry in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, along with the high probability they would get to shoot somebody if they moved there. Maybe they would leave. See also Digby.

Finally — House GOP members are anti-tax tightwads who don’t like to pay dues, either.