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Not to bum you out or anything, but it appears Iowa is about to elect a certifiable whackjob to the Senate. Molly Ball writes at The Atlantic,

Joni Ernst is an Iowan, born and bred, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and the Republican nominee for the Senate in Iowa. She has also flirted seriously with wacky conspiracy theories, especially Agenda 21, which takes off from an innocuous, voluntary UN resolution and turns it into a sinister plot which, as the John Birch Society says, “seeks for the government to curtail your freedom to travel as you please, own a gas-powered car, live in suburbs or rural areas, and raise a family. Furthermore, it would eliminate your private property rights through eminent domain.” And she has made comments about Americans totally dependent on government that make Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” observations look almost populist by comparison.

She’s a Michele Bachmann clone, in other words, but she’ll be in the Senate where she can do a lot more damage than Bachmann could in the House. Thanks loads, Iowa.

However, we might not entirely blame Iowans. Molly Ball also writes that news stories and profiles of Ernst in mainstream media make her seem harmless, even charming.

The other day, The Washington Post carried a front-page profile of Joni Ernstby feature reporter Monica Hesse. The piece was particularly striking—a long, warm, almost reverential portrait of a woman candidate charming Iowans by doing it “the Iowa way”—no doubt, an accurate portrayal by a veteran journalist. Hesse did suggest, in passing, that Ernst has taken some controversial positions in the past, such as supporting “personhood,” but emphasized that she has walked them back. Not mentioned in the piece was Ernst’s flirtation with one of the craziest conspiracy theories, or her comments on dependency—or her suggestion that she would use the gun she packs if the government ever infringed on her rights.

For those of you who don’t remember, the MWO in the title refers to one of the first liberal blogs that made an impact, Media Whores Online. MWO was the blog everybody talked about in 2002, but then it ceased to be, sometime in 2003 I think. As I remember it, MWO was instigated in part to rage against the fawning deference and considerable slack news media had given GW Bush in the 2000 campaign, as opposed to the pubescent piling on of Al Gore, who was treated as the kid nobody wanted at his lunchroom table.

Ball writes that media is falling into its old habit of writing The Narrative. The Narrative is the story of the campaign, or the general theme in which political coverage is framed. Use of The Narrative is a natural storytelling device that makes politics news stories more interesting to the public at large, I suppose, but it also  introduces considerable bias.

I found an article from the 1990s discussing the media’s tendency to create frames that are “frequently drawn from, and reflective of, shared cultural narratives and myths and resonate with the larger social themes to which journalists tend to be acutely sensitive.” Although it goes back several years I think what it describes is still going on. See also “The Master Narrative in Journalism” by Jay Rosen.

Molly Ball writes,

The most common press narrative for elections this year is to contrast them with the 2010 and 2012 campaigns. Back then, the GOP “establishment” lost control of its nominating process, ended up with a group of extreme Senate candidates who said wacky things—Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Sharron Angle—and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in races that should have been slam dunks. Now the opposite has happened: The establishment has fought back and won, vanquishing the Tea Party and picking top-flight candidates who are disciplined and mainstream, dramatically unlike Akin and Angle.

It is a great narrative, a wonderful organizing theme. But any evidence that contradicts or clouds the narrative devalues it, which is perhaps why evidence to the contrary tends to be downplayed or ignored. Meantime, stories that show personal gaffes or bonehead moves by the opponents of these new, attractive mainstream candidates, fit that narrative and are highlighted.

However, by all accounts Ernst and some of the other “establishment” GOP candidates are every bit as wacky as Akin or Angle, but the public wouldn’t know this by media coverage. The “establishment” Republican candidates are being fluffed, but as Ball describes, their Democratic opponents are not. Media are, possibly unconsciously, attempting to give the Senate to Republicans.

Steve M agrees but thinks Ball is missing the bigger story on The Narrative.

It’s also that the press agrees with the GOP (and much of the public) that Barack Obama is a terrible president who needs to be punished. Journalist resent Obama because he hasn’t always been nice to them (why weren’t they allowed to watch him play golf with Tiger Woods?). He hasn’t been the guy they thought he was in 2008, the the cool, hipster bro capable of solving all of America’s problems without breaking a sweat. He let them down, so no matter what it does to the country, they’re going to put the boot in as he gets stomped. Plus, they’ve already got a crush on a whole new crop of dreamboat frat boys — Rand, Jeb, Christie, Ryan. And besides, if they’re nasty toward the Democrats, maybe right-wingers will stop denouncing them as “the liberal media.” So what if that’s never happened before? It could totally happen now, right?

It’s Bush v. Gore coverage all over again. At least it’s just a midterm.

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  1. Liberal Media has become a cuss word to the gop/baggers…a comfortable blanket to use when the cold winds of truth blow up their skirts…the Fourth Estate has been perverted to the use of the oligarchy or christofascists or what ever label one likes to use…we know that, but why are we so powerless to change it?

  2. “Now the opposite has happened: The establishment has fought back and won, vanquishing the Tea Party and picking top-flight candidates who are disciplined and mainstream, dramatically unlike Akin and Angle.

    The opposite did NOT happen!
    The establishment Republicans – thanks to the Teatards – moved even further into the Reich-Wing camp!

    Our “Fourth Estate” is beyond help!
    Their corporate ownership wants Republicans/conservatives to rule – they can’t govern, but they love to rule!
    Now, downing a fifth of vodka a day isn’t enough to wash the taste of Conservatism away!
    Neither is a liter.

    Unfortunately, we can’t afford more than that, so I’m f*cked!
    And you don’t start a “Kick-starter” campaign that basically says:
    “Help me drink myself to death – the Republicans may yet end up controlling our already dysfunctional government!”

  3. What’s not mentioned is Ernst’s opponent. Haven’t heard anything about him/her. If Iowa elects a certifiable whack-job. a lot of it will be due to the fact that nobody challenged her. All evil has to do to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

  4. Bruce Braley is the founder of the House Populist caucus. You can help get out the vote for him today. Note a 2 hour shift is how long the tool will be open – you can commit to less time – say talk to 10 voters. It makes a difference, and this race is close.

  5. Moonbat makes a good point. Democrats are trying to run the wackjob Joni against the new and improved Joni – and there’s not a lot of substance known about the invisible democrat running against Ernst. The flip side is just as true. The justification for Ernst (to republicans) is that she’s AGAINST democrats. Past and present positions on issues are irrelevant. In states like Iowa, voters will elect Lucifer Himself if He’s the republican candidate and the Archangel Michael is running as a democrat.

  6. It’s Bush v. Gore coverage all over again. At least it’s just a midterm.

    As if it won’t be even worse when Hillary is running?

  7. Back in the day, the Des Moines Register was one of the nation’s great newspapers, and Iowan’s respected it. That paper would have eviscerated Ernst for the wooly-minded radicalism she has espoused in the past.

    Gannett ownership has wrecked the Register, to the point that it’s not really worth reading; too many Iowans now get their news from Fox.

    It is indeed a tragedy, and one that will take six years to rectify.

    The only bright spot on the horizon is that Republicans in power always, ALWAYS overreach, and when they so unmask their agenda, voters are repelled. Next time Ms. Ernst is up for election, it will be a Presidential election year.

  8. Umm, I’m in California and aware of Bruce Braley (running for IA senate). It’s far from impossible to find out about him. Ernst main attack on him is to bring up a dispute he had over a neighbor’s stray chickens. Braley has been knocking on doors and stumping all over the state, sometimes in the company of Senator Warren.

  9. Democrat Bruce Braley, our progressive champion, has just been endorsed by Iowa’s biggest newspaper, the Des Moines Register, and is supported by other papers there, too.

    Elizabeth Warren just campaigned with Bruce Braley and has asked PCCC members to support him:

    “Bruce supports protecting and expanding Social Security benefits — a core progressive value. Republicans like Mitch McConnell, like Joni Ernst, want to cut Social Security or even privatize it. Iowa voters need to hear this message.”

    Here are a few more of the newspapers supporting Braley:

    THE STORM LAKE TIMES: Braley for Senate …Braley has proved himself to be a champion for strengthening Social Security, for making certain that affordable health care is available to every American without discrimination, for veterans seeking care through Community Health Centers like Storm Lake’s, and for a strong renewable energy portfolio that enhances farmers’ bottom lines and makes our nation more secure.

    CEDAR RAPIDS GAZETTE: Bruce Braley is best choice for U.S. Senate

    DUBUQUE TELEGRAPH HERALD: Our opinion: Bruce Braley for U.S. Senate

    I posted a link for get out the vote calls earlier. We can do this.

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