Senate Dems Wimp Out Again

The bill approved unanimously by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday may be “watered down,” but it still puts limits on President Obama’s ability to reach an agreement with Iran. And Iran didn’t waste any time griping about it.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday dismissed pressure from the U.S. Congress over a preliminary deal on the Islamic Republic’s contested nuclear program, saying that Tehran is dealing with world powers — not American lawmakers.

In a speech to tens of thousands of Iranians in the northern city of Rasht, Rouhani said his nation is pursuing a “dignified” agreement with the six-member group, which includes the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

I found an article that said “Executive agreements have been used for more than two centuries. According to a February report from the Congressional Research Service, the U.S. has concluded more than 18,500 executive agreements since 1789.” What makes this executive agreement special? Wait, it’ll come to me …

Some people, including Meteor Blades at Daily Kos, are calling the bill a “clear White House victory.” But I still think it stinks. The New York Times editorial board thinks so, too.

With a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill that would require Congress to review, and then vote on, the final text of a nuclear deal. It would also prohibit Mr. Obama from waiving economic sanctions on Iran — the crucial element of any agreement under which Iran rolls back its nuclear program — for at least 30 days, and up to 52 days, after signing an agreement so Congress has time to weigh in.

The full Senate and the House will have to approve the bill. But the committee’s action gives momentum to those who have bitterly criticized Mr. Obama for negotiating with Iran, though they offer no credible alternative to the preliminary deal on the table. Republicans who control Congress have largely been the driving force behind the legislation, but this bill was passed overwhelmingly by the Senate committee thanks to Democratic support. …

… The nuclear deal is the product of a multinational negotiation with Iran conducted by the United States, France, Britain, China, Germany and Russia. In no other country has a legislative body demanded the right to block the agreement. Even if Congress barred Mr. Obama from waiving American sanctions, the European Union and the United Nations Security Council could lift the sanctions they imposed, thus undercutting the American decision.

Does anyone here think that Senate Republicans would give any deal — I repeat, any deal — a fair hearing? That they won’t try to obstruct it just because? That Cruz, Cotton et al. plus the Faux News crew won’t demagogue the thing to death and make blocking it a litmus test of True Conservatism?

Senator Barbara Boxer said that while she believed the original proposal would “disrupt and upend” the negotiations, “I believe this new bill will not do that.”

I don’t see why the hell not. The original bill was unworkable, but this one still leaves room for plenty of mischief.

4 thoughts on “Senate Dems Wimp Out Again

  1. This cannot be happening. If it were, the NBC news website would feature it prominently. Instead, it headlines a guy who landed a gyro on the Capitol lawn, the life term in prison for a former baseball player, the cutting of Kim Kardashian’s photo from an Ultra-Orthodox website in Israel, the 656th career home run of another baseball player, Chris Christie saying that Hillary Clinton will not just be handed the Democratic nomination, and former TSA workers accused of fondling airline passengers. I think you are fabricating this whole story.

  2. Now that the President has said he’ll sign it, I’m waiting for the GOP to turn on those who remade the Iran deal, and shriek, “YOUR deal sucks! YOU know why it sucks? Because HE ok’d it! YOUR deal sucks, and YOU suck!”

    When did “Advise and consent” turn into “Ignore, deny, and make our own deals?”

    Oh yeah, in January of 2009.

  3. “The original bill was unworkable, but this one still leaves room for plenty of mischief”

    The way I understood the deal, the president pretty much had no choice. Too many Dems looked willing to get on a veto-proof majority to kill the deal if the senate was ignored. This deal gets a few cenrist dems on his side, also they only have 30 days so it can’t turn into a two year Benghazi committee waiting for the next presidential election, though who knows there are 47 senators willing to commit treason so pretty much anything goes!

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