Some People Are Easily Terrorized

Whoa, folks, Miss Lindsey Graham thinks our Doug should have been shot out of the sky (glad you weren’t, Doug) because he could be mentally ill (unlike most everyone else on Capitol Hill?). Or radically Islamic. Miss Lindsey must have been frightened right out of his crinoline.

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  1. Lindsey Graham, and his tiny little mind in proportion to his massive amount of power, is a far greater threat to this nation than any of us choosing to “sneak-attack” Washington with a bundle of protest letters.

  2. Barbara — I think mocking a guy by calling him a girl is well beneath you. Or did I miss something relevant?

  3. Holy Canary in a Coalmine, Batman!
    Now our Congress will allocate trillions for gyrocopter defense subs, destroyers, aircraft-carriers. and satellites – all carrying gyrocopter-destroying nuclear missiles and drones.

    My favorite line by conservatives, is when they call us ‘Snot-nosed Libtards.”

    You know who has snotty noses?
    People who are constantly angry, and/or afraid, and cry, and weep, and shriek, and tear at their hair and garments while their knickers self-knot, and their tit’s wring themselves.

    And that, conservative babies, ain’t US!
    IT’S YOU!!!

    I wonder if Sen. Limpseed Cornpone Graham-crackers (R – SCloset) pays for his own portable fainting-couches, or do we taxpayers?

  4. Gulag: You make me laugh which is just what I need first thing in the AM. And I love your new face.

  5. Thanks, Barbara. There’s a whole lot of misdirection going on. Let’s talk about ANYTHING other than the corruption of Congress and the nonpartisan ties that various K Street firms have with congress-critters. And the legalized payola that they are desperate to have NOT become part of the national conversation.

    My stunt was not the kind of thing you blog, Barbara, but I owe you having chewed up so much of your free bandwidth over the years. If you want to interview me in whatever format, Q & A if you like ,and you can edit my gibberish, you have only to ask.

    • Doug — I’m happy to help you get your side of the story out. Email me at mahabarbara [at] I will have to do this around the temple schedule, but let’s give it a shot.

  6. Sen. Graham intentionally overlooks the fact that Doug contacted the Secret Service well in advance of his flight, and otherwise carefully publicized his intentions.

    If the protectors of our nation’s capital had wanted to prevent Doug from making his journey, they had ample opportunity. It’s clear that, reasonably, they saw no threat.

    Smelling salts, a lacy fan, a mint julep and a fainting couch. There, senator, all better now.

  7. grannyeagle,
    There’s no higher compliment for clowns, than to tell them they’re funny!

    For what it’s worth, you light-up my days, too. You’re funny – AND insightful!

  8. Oh, please make the scheduling work somehow, maha and Doug!!!

    As usual, our MSM misses the message because it focuses on the messenger!

    And we need to hear your full story – and, hopefully, at length.
    I see you being led from your Bat-copter for a few seconds every day, but they don’t mention much about why you did what you did – just that you did it, and that you now face charges.
    What you did, btw, was very, very brave!!!
    And it needed to be done!
    Hopefully, your piece with maha will go all virusy or virally on the inter-toobes!

  9. The Tampa Bay Times has a pretty good article on Doug and his achievement.

    All I can say Doug, is that I have always admired your perceptions and insights, and envied your ability to express them well. You are definitely right about this issue. We can’t last very long being “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” as Greg Palast put it.

  10. Miss Lindsey: “He should have been subject to being shot out of the sky,” Graham said. “I don’t know why he wasn’t, but our nation is under siege.”

    See what you’ve done Doug, why you and your crazy gyro contraption have put our once great nation under siege. Worse yet you may have given poor little Lindsey a case of the vapors he’ll not soon recover from, Bad Mailman Bad!!!

    Doug, your my hero, glad to hear you’re out of the clink. Any chance you’ll get your gyro-machine back anytime soon? What happened to your truck and trailer? If you can find it on the tubes you should watch last night’s hardball, tweety actually talked about your letters and even suggested you should be given a chance to speak to a joint session of congress, I nearly fainted! If I can find it today after work I’ll put up a link.

  11. It might be useful to keep track of the voices in support of Doug’s action, like uncledad’s mention of what-Tweety-said. Some of these voices could be encouraged to guide the discussion back on point.

    One person I wonder about is John McCain, who must be torn in two over this protest. His knee-jerk-reactionary fear of all things falling from the skies, versus his once-passionate pursuit of campaign finance reform.

    • LG isn’t a girl, he’s an old-time southern belle who frequently gets the vapors. In the South, genteel white ladies were always called “miss so and so” even in their dotage. As in Driving Miss Daisy. I take it y’all damnyankees don’t get the cultural reference.

  12. Hm. Maha, don’t want you to feel ganged up on, and I do hold you in esteem, but I felt that you made a, uh, “miss-“fire on that joke, too.

  13. Doug – I gotta say it was a gutsy thing to do and it kinda scares me that we live in a world in which something between brilliant performance art, and a damn fine call to metaphorical-arms gets people talking like “why did we let that guy *survive* his clearly-non-threatening stunt”

  14. Look, no one here cares about Sen. Graham’s sexual orientation!
    War matters, is how he treats others – gay or not!

  15. Oy!
    “What matters…”

    GOD screw Nook’s spell check !!

    I can’t even write “Damn!”

    Oh, now you let me write it!: Damn!


  16. Thanks to all. I drove from Gettysburg to Williamsburg and was out of touch.I still don’t have a phone but the Capitol police have the 4 phones I flew with plus my tablet which was in the SUV in Gettysburg. I think they have an electronics fetish.

    I’m serious about giving Maha an inside scoop but there’s so much to tell. I really need to be directed to tell the parts you would like to know about.

    • Doug — my first two questions would be, first, what message do you want the congress critters to hear, and second, how did the idea of the gyrocopter evolve? So give those some thoughts and shoot me an email. Thanks!

  17. Ah! Many thanks Maha. As I suspected, I was missing something. (Not a damnyankee, actually a damnfurriner, not American at all.) My opinion is restored and I feel much better.

  18. We need a” like” button for the comments. Doug, the only thing you should have done differently is dress as a Jedi or Batman.

    Lindsey shows his leadership abilities once again ; if you don’t like it, get somebody to shoot it.

  19. Thanks for the “Hardball” link, it seems like quite a departure from the norm. Wouldn’t it be great if Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes would interview Doug?

    It was good to put a face on the commentary that Doug has made. One thing that he has going for him is that he comes across as a calm, completely rational and thoughtful person. This makes it hard to dismiss him and his message is one that everyone knows is true. But, most of us see “resistance as futile.” Maybe it’s not.

    My exposure to TV is pretty limited, but, I see clips on the computer. It is almost a shock to see someone as level headed as Doug on TV. We’re so used to hyperbole, screaming and yelling, that rationality seems like a novelty. Hey, maybe it will catch on! Sorry, I forgot where I was for a moment.

  20. Calling Mr. Graham a girl is something that made me cringe. Making sport of him in this way seems a bit cruel.

  21. I want to thank Doug for his courage, and abilities as a pilot…I am now one of your supporters in both causes…We need to re-claim our government from the corporations, and two I WANT A GYOCOPTER more than a Jet Pac…As a pilot, Good job on parking…I will be waiting to hear and spread your story…

  22. Lindsey has focused his mind on threats and fears so is it really surprising that he sees them everywhere?

  23. Maha – I’m on the road, almost to South Carolina.

    To answer your questions, first, at the end of the first article in the Tampa Bay Times on the 15th, posted 10 minutes after I took off, is the text of the letter to Congress. I want every candidate for Congress to declare where he stands on corruption, and I am working with others to define a standard for reform that a candidate will have to endorse to the electorate or risk being primaried out for waffling.
    Evolve is the word for it.. It happened over years. A frined suggested we need to send a certified letter to every member of Congress and I decided to deliver the ideas in a way that the voters would witness and Congress could not ignore.

  24. Doug–have to say, it gives me hope when ordinary (well, obviously, *extraordinary*) citizens put some skin into the game. Thank you!

    Next year at the School of the Americas. . . .

  25. I do sympathize with the commenters who seemed to lack experience of the “southern belle.” They are a phenomenon that can scarcely be imagined until the real world places one in your path, and then the result can be a wild ride, best recalled among close friends over three fingers of bourbon.

  26. I had been busy with cat rescue and just now learned it was one of our own who flew the letters to the legiscritters! Well done! Glad you did not get shot down, Doug. You had to know there would be a chance of that. As soon as I run out of cats, I’ll be glad to join you in reforming our electeds. I think you’ll still be hard at it when I run out of cats, as cats have less money and fewer lawyers.

  27. Doug was mentioned on Bill Maher’s show. He said nice things about Doug and his message; and, not so nice things about the coverage.

    • Doug — try to relax today, but do think carefully about what one or two things you really want to get across in the interview, and write that down as succinctly as you can, and be sure to work that in even if you aren’t asked directly about it. Otherwise the interview may go in some direction you can’t imagine now and you might not get to say it.

  28. Doug… I don’t think you’re going to need luck as far as the interview goes. You have a good handle on what your motivation and objective was and is. You’ll do fine. Your cause is pure and just.
    I do wish you luck,favor, mercies, and every conceivable break in alleviating the penalties you will be faced with for your act of civil disobedience . You’ve courageously poked the bear and there will be a price to pay.
    I will click the donation can in an effort to bring that wish closer to a reality.

  29. In regard to Miss Lindsey.. There’s something about him that gives me a sense that he’s just not one of the boys. Make what you will of that, but I don’t think I’m alone in that assessment.

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