This Is Bizarro World

I’m too tired to write anything now, except to note that as “conservatives” have been worked into a frenzy by nonsensical rumors that the federal government is planning a military takeover of Texas, they are also outraged that six Baltimore cops have been charged with homicide in the death of Freddie Gray.

So, the U.S. Army is a pack of jack-booted thugs who will steal your liberty, except when deployed to a Muslim country, but the Baltimore police are off limits no matter what they do. Let’s not try to be consistent or anything.


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  1. Well, as far as the Army taking over Texas there isn’t much to say about that. As soon as I read the name Oath Keepers in the story I kinda knew that all the information I needed to know about the situation was in. Case closed! I’ll file that information in that place between shadow and light that is sometimes referred to as the Twilight Zone.

    I was pleased to hear about those Baltimore cops being charged. My fear now is that they are going escape justice.. I’ve seen too many times where egregious examples of police brutality have been brushed aside in our justice system. After seeing so much of it you kinda lose faith in the system. Well, here’s hoping they get more than just a smack on the wrist.

  2. The US rightwing has been shipping their heads back and forth so much for so long to try to keep the outrage flowing that they’re in that stage a toddler gets into after being on a spinning Merry go round in the park. They can’t see straight. They’re in the toddler giggling hysterically zone.

  3. The only thing consistent about our Reich-Wingers, is their inconsistency!
    Unlike those of us rational people, their feeble little minds know no middle grounds – only extremes.

    That’s why President Obama is a mewling pussycat on the international scene, and a tyrannical SocialiFasciCommuniHeatheMusliAtheist Usurper, here at home – at the same time.

  4. Swami:

    I agree with you on your point. However I have yet to see anyone mention that we have two problems, both stemming from police policies. “Justice” will be impossible until both are solved.

    1. Detained individuals are still citizens with all their rights. By detaining a citizen, uncommon care of those citizens should be priority number one. No exceptions.

    2. The systemic problem involving differing perceptions of detained citizens needs a revamp, completely. That will be difficult but not impossible. Starting with authoritarian local residency requirements and special attention to those hired with military backgrounds. (The military problem has aspects many Americans have no idea about what is going on, I see it all the time. Simply, one is the brainwashing that goes on prior to military conflict which reinforces racism.)

    Simply convicting individuals will fix neither (being that will be nothing more than revenge rather than justice and inevitably lead to back and forth acts of revenge, precisely the same as the Palestinian vs Israeli conflicts)

    Revenge is not Justice.

  5. I submitted myself to some torture last night and tuned into Hannity on FAUX news? I really could not believe my eyes, they had some “cop” apparently someone “close” to one of the officers on, his face blacked out, his voice disguised, and just sat there and refuted every charge, no questions were asked he just sat there and rambled on for 10-15 minutes with a split screen of the protest? It was unbelievable even for FAUX how is that even fucking legal?

  6. Wow, uncledad. Are you OK today? Any leftover nausea? The disguised “cop” was probably O’Reilly. Anyway, I think we can expect anything from FAUX. They are in their death throes just like the rest of the right wing fundies.
    OT, but IMO something to celebrate, the Royals have a new princess and it is Kentucky Derby day. If you’re interested, watch it. The horse is one of the most beautiful animals created by the higher forces.

  7. I suspect there is plenty of Baltimore-style policing in Texas. But I am not seeing lots of non-“white” people supporting the response to the supposed take-over of Texas. I am suspecting they are the same non-whites who could tell you about the Baltimore-style policing in Texas.

  8. uncledad,
    Drink a fifth of cheap hootch.
    The only way to counter a FOX hangover, is with a booze one.

    Remember everyone, (DUMB)FUX isn’t there to report the news.
    It’s there to distort the news.

  9. Back before I went into the woods, I worked with people with disabilities, including a lot of people with spinal cord injuries. I watched a video of the police loading Freddie Gray into the van. I had some clear impressions that were reinforced by a surgeon, from Charlotte, NC who called into the Diane Rehm show yesterday.

    From appearances Mr. Gray’s spinal cord was already injured when they were loading him into the van, his body is limp. They evidently tossed him in face down and cuffed. Then they took him on a wild ride. He would be completely unable to resist inertia. It was then that his spinal cord was severed. When I heard the term “severed,” I wanted to seem the medical examiner’s report, which I haven’t read yet. But, if his spinal cord was in fact severed, it would be hard to imagine the circumstances could be anything but intentional punishment. I have worked with at least a couple hundred people with SCI. Of all of those, only ONE had a severed spinal cord. Normally, the trauma causes the spinal cord to swell and the damage and necrosis results from that. The client that I had with the severed spinal cord had a very violent motorcycle wreck, which will give you some idea of the amount of force that would be necessary to sever someone’s spinal cord.

    Beyond that, the scenario that the surgeon put forth is far more likely. Freddie Gray was injured before they loaded him in the van and they purposefully injured him further.

  10. On another note, in watching the Kentucky Derby today, I noticed there was a Republican horse. I could tell because his name was “Far Right.” Nevertheless, it was an exciting race.

  11. I notice, Bonnie, that “Far Right” didn’t win.

    Instead, the Oligarch’s, Plutocrats, and Royalist’s, favorite, American Pharaoh, won.
    American Pharaoh?

    Maybe The Luxor in Vegas is the first example of a plan to build a series of American pyramids in the desert – just like the Egyptians.
    No “slave labor,” though – just a thousands of ‘Wage-slaves.”
    And all of these pyramids will be dedicated to gambling, of course!

    What could be more American than pyramids dedicated to cheap labor, sex, drugs, R&R, and gambling?!?!?!
    AND, MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Now that we have the Kentucky Derby over, I want to go on record in predicting the name of the new princess. This is gutsy cause if I’m wrong it will be embarrassing but I predict Elizabeth. It is supposed to be announced today so keep watching.

  13. Not sure if I’ve seen this before, but after reading Dershowitz saying the charges against the officers are unjustified and unsupportable, I can’t help but remembering that if, during the commission of a [violent] crime (which false arrest, armed kidnapping, reckless endangerment, and depraved indifference surely are) a person dies, then murder charges against the perpetrators is not only expected, but often required.

  14. Maybe it’s not that incosistent, in the sense that most conservatives would be hard put to tell the difference beteen Baltimore and a Muslim country.

  15. I would like to help out the conservatives who are too stupid to tell the difference between Baltimore and a muslim country. Women can vote, they can go out in public dressed in everyday clothes and slap their kid around for protesting. Women can drive. You can drive around Baltimore and find a church for every protestant religion, Jewish Synagogues, Roman Catholic churches, and probably an assortment of churches for religions you may not be familiar with. And, all those conservatives really and truly underestimate the power of American women of every color, race, ethnic origin, religion, or LGBT; and, they should be ashamed of themselves because they pretty obviously do not understand what America is all about.

  16. Isn’t Dershowitz supposed to be the ultimate Liberal? The pinnacle of liberal thought? The benchmark of sound reason?

    I don’t know why you shouldn’t care what he thinks..But I’ve always understood that Dershowitz’s legal pronouncements were the next best thing to judgments coming from on high.

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