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Christie? Fuhgeddaboudit.

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Via Balloon Juice, lights are going out for Chris Christie.

But amid the bustle, there was an absorption of a new reality for the governor and those closest to him: that his bid for the White House seems increasingly far-fetched. A political team long characterized by its self-assuredness now sounds strikingly subdued, sobered and, realistic about his odds.

In two dozen interviews over the past 24 hours, many of the most trusted allies and advisers to Mr. Christie acknowledged that winning the Republican nomination required a domino-like series of stumbles from his rivals and an unlikely breakthrough for him. …

… Instead of crowing about fund-raising records (as Jeb Bush is) or traveling the country as an announced candidate (as Senator Marco Rubio is), Mr. Christie’s team is in a sense starting over now, hoping that the developments in the legal case represent a new chance at a campaign unburdened by the threat of direct legal action against the governor.

On Friday allies and aides of Christie were indicted in Bridgegate, but not Christie himself. I haven’t seen anyone say that “direct legal action against the governor” is out of the question in the future, however.

 Elsewhere: Best thing I’ve read today — Police Violence Is Putting the Lie to Tea Party Conservatism

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Everything Changes

Obama Administration

I’ll get a chance to write more later, but in the meantime, see Timothy Egan on the California drought.

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