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Bill de Blasio’s Crusade

liberalism and progressivism

A profile of the New York mayor says he is working on a progressive Contract With America. Looking forward to that.

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Thank You, Alberta


In a sign that maybe the world won’t go to hell in a handbasket just yet, a slate of liberal candidates just swept into office in Alberta, Canada. See:

In Blow to Tar Sands Industry, Liberal Party Sweeps Alberta Elections

Alberta, heart of Canada’s oil industry, elects socialist-leaning government

I don’t think this election will have any discernible impact on our XL Pipeline debate, unfortunately. We’ll see.

Pinch Me! Am I dreaming? Canada’s ‘Most Conservative’ Province Elects an NDP Majority

Notley’s campaign has made possible an Alberta that is more like the rest of Canada — more humane, more inclusive, more respectful, more democratic, and therefore more prone to healthy changes of government from time to time.

The hard work for the NDP will start today — or, at least, tomorrow, when the hangovers wear off.

Yes, Notley has an inexperienced caucus, some members of which never imagined they would be MLAs when they agreed to run. But, seriously people, how could they do worse than the experienced clowns that made up the last PC government?

Yes, once they recover from yesterday’s shock, the right-wing opposition will go wild. It is not unreasonable to assume that some elements of the business community will go as far as trying to sabotage the economy, as happened when Bob Rae was premier of Ontario.

Yes, the right-wing press will start by telling us immediately this election result really means Albertans want more conservatism, which it manifestly does not.

Yes, some of Notley’s strongest supporters will be disappointed and bitter when the realities of politics, which is the art of the possible after all, mean they cannot have their wish list instantly fulfilled.

And, yes, even though it’s springtime in Alberta, it’ll probably snow today.

Well, it’s still Canada.

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