Peak Cluelessness

This one belongs in a bell jar in the Utter Obliviousness Museum.

Here’s another one:

At some point, the rest of us are going to have to exact that price. The stars and bars can go, and if Bedford Forrest, who may have been a singular cavalry officer but did, after all, serve as first Grand Wizard of the Democratic Party’s 19th-century terrorist arm, goes with it that’s not an unbearable loss to anyone’s heritage. But while we’re scrubbing the bad baggage from our culture, can we have a merciful end to the painfully stupid leftist obsession with cop-killing racists such as Mumia Abu Jamal, communist terrorists like Bill Ayers, and psychopathic Marxist white supremacists like Che Guevara? How about, as Victor Davis Hanson suggested, an end to racist Leftist institutions like the Congressional Black Caucus and La Raza? If we’re to crack down on the cultural cachet of the Old South, can we conduct a similar purge of the New Black Panthers?

I say, in the interest of fairness, that every single public monument in the U.S. erected to honor Mumia Abu Jamal (a name I haven’t heard in a few years, btw), Bill Ayers, and Che Guevara come down immediately, and every single street named after one of these guys can be re-named George Washington Avenue. How about that?

The rest is a little more problematic, but since the New Black Panthers are, what, a couple of guys in Philadelphia? We could ask them politely to rename themselves, or something.

10 thoughts on “Peak Cluelessness

  1. Pretty much spot on (your title and description, of course).

    This guy is not alone – all of Faux is atwitter with faux outrage…

  2. maha,
    That first one belongs in a bell jar.

    And this one belongs in a petri-dish in a bell jar in a psychiatric research center:

    We lefties are tyrannical, while the right is tolerant.
    Uhm… “Project” much?

    I guess in my town soon, they’ll change the name of the street I live on:
    Saul Alinsky Avenue
    (Who, btw, hard-core Libtard that I am, and well versed in our tyrannical leftist literature, I’d never even heard of until the righties started shrieking about “Rules for Radicals.” Whose lessons it appears, they’ve ingested, and absorbed.

    These people are delusional!

  3. “communist terrorists like Bill Ayers”

    Haha that’s a good one? The only people who fetishize Bill Ayers are the quacks on the right. These people are deeply disturbed, I cannot understand how they don’t see that having those flags on state owned grounds or on official license plates is offensive. Their inability to admit they are in the wrong will be their eventual demise (we can dream).

  4. The SCOTUS ruled FOR Obamacare – 6-3.


  5. I for one think Democrats running for office should stop praising Che in every campaign speech.

  6. Gulag, pretty sad when we cheer for a bunch of what are supposed to be our sharpest legal minds upholding the obvious, but yes, YAAAAAY,

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