SCOTUS Saves Obamacare!

Vote was 6-3, Scalia, Thomas and Alito dissenting.

 Update: Roberts wrote the majority opinion. Apparently Scalia had a hissy fit and more or less accused the other justices of bowing to pressure. “We should start calling this law SCOTUScare,” he said.

12 thoughts on “SCOTUS Saves Obamacare!

  1. Shocking, those poor wing-nuts between this and the flag flap, their pretty little heads are gonna explode. If the Supremes strike down all the gay marriage hate it will be a wing-nut blood bath!

  2. Maybe the Reich-Wingers, in total dejection, will use their 2nd Amendment Rights on their own heads! *

    *I’m kidding.
    Of course I’m kidding.
    I am kidding, aren’t I?
    Yes I am.

  3. Also too – the three SCOTUS psychopaths acted just as expected.

    But I’m glad that at least this time, the two part-time sociopaths – Kennedy and Roberts – agreed with the four Libtard Justices.

    Let’s hope we get this same result in the gay marriage decision coming either tomorrow or on Friday!

  4. THAT explains the distant “poof! poof! poof!” I heard from down the street… right-wing head esplodin’ in the chamber of the Nebraska Unicameral. Fun! Sounds like an old-timey moviehouse popcorn machine.

  5. I don’t normally point out typos, but…. Scalia, Thomas and Alito dissenting. should be… Scalia-Thomas and Alito dissenting.
    It seems Mary wasn’t the only one who had a little lamb.

  6. Only this lamb’s fleece ain’t exactly ‘white as snow.’
    His fleece is a dark as his heart – if, he has one, mind you.

  7. Poor Scalia. Some day, some wretch is going to come out of a hospital screaming “God damn it. I can breathe again. The pain is gone. Curse you Supreme Court. Curse you Scalia.” Right.

  8. Just a little correction.

    IMHO, Roberts saved the Republican Party from itself. Had they ruled otherwise, I think it quite likely that the Republican Party would have been less popular than the Green Party for decades.

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