A Bang and a Whimper

So the Bundy boys and some of their followers are in FBI custody. LaVoy Finicum, the “live free or die” warrior known for taking in foster children to work on his unprofitable ranch so he could collect government checks has been killed. So far no details have been released describing Finicum’s death, but already the Web is buzzing with the rumor that Finicum was shot trying to surrender.

Before Finicum’s death was even confirmed, supporters rushed to portray him on social media as a martyr who, according to unverified accounts, had his hands up and was unarmed when he was shot. Law enforcement sources told CNN that Finicum and Ryan Bundy were the only two leaders who did not surrender during the confrontation.

One of the crew at Gateway Pundit, official home of the Dumbest Man on the Web®, reported that “The man was on the ground hands up, unarmed and cooperating. A real need to be shot three times.”

Those details hasn’t been reported anywhere, so how he could have known that is a mystery. And I didn’t think Finicum was ever unarmed. I imagined he had a gun and holster strapped around his PJs when he brushed his teeth at night. But perhaps Black Lives Matter has a surplus “Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ T-shirt this guy could buy .

USA Today reports that five or six of Bundy’s followers remain at the wildlife sanctuary they’d been occupying.

8 thoughts on “A Bang and a Whimper

  1. “the “live free or die” warrior known for taking in foster children to work on his unprofitable ranch so he could collect government checks”

    The lack of awareness of the wannabee militia tea-tards is really just amazing, how could someone with 1/3rd of a brain go and protest the federal government holding land while he collects checks from the gubmint? Did he think we would never find out? Like I said in previous post LaVoy has garnered himself all the liberty a 28″ x 84″ box will provide. Hopefully his fellow terrorists will give him the honor of a blue tarp draped casket! Good Riddance!

  2. You mean that the stupid bigoted assholes at Hateway PunTWIT are upset because an older white man was shot and killed in a way that happens to young black males every, oh… I don’t know… pretty much daily, it seems!

    More of these treasonous and traitorous “patriot” vermin will soon be crawling out from under their rocks, in soldarity with these imbeciles.

    Get ’em out in the open, and arrest the whole lot of them!

  3. It’s easy to see how someone could rail against the government while collecting government checks, uncledad. The people doing so are greedy hypocrites. It’s harder to see how anyone else could support or respect their doing so.

  4. I think it turned out well for them considering how they set up the situation as an armed standoff..At least now they can carry on with their cries of injustice and government oppression even if it is from a prison cell. I wonder what did they expect the result to be going into the standoff?.. And I wonder how much that the Captain Moroni boloney played into their decision making?
    I was glad to see that Jon Ritzheimer ( your daddy took an oath) got busted. Maybe it’s me..with an generational bias, but I tend to put guys with spider webs tattooed on their elbows in a box.. It’s hard to describe exactly why other than to say I sense something ain’t right in their psyche.
    Then again, I could be an old curmudgeon.

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