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The Friday/Labor Day Weekend document dump is an FBI report on … wait for it… Hillary Clinton’s emails. Politico has released the “12 juiciest bits.” I skimmed this and didn’t notice anything all that juicy, but I’m sure somebody will find something they can blow up into a Big Bleeping Deal.

There’s a lot of complaining today about the failure of the press to cover the presidential election campaigns in a rational way. See Charles Pierce, “Donald Trump’s Trip to Mexico Was an Embarrassment for Our Nation’s Media” and “The New York Times Screws Up Its Clinton Coverage, Part Infinity.” See also Josh Marshall, “Trump’s Blood Libel and Press Failure.”

And do read about Atrios’s afternoon with the Evil League of Evil Labor Economists.

Marco Gutierrez, founder of the group Latinos for Trump, has warned the nation that if it doesn’t do something about Latino Culture, some day there will be a taco truck on every corner. People on social media are struggling to understand why that would be a bad thing.

The presidential debate moderators are set, and Trump apparently plans to just wing it rather than prep for them. The effectiveness of this strategy will depend, I think, on how much control the moderators can keep on the proceedings, and if they have the nerve to ask him follow up questions. But it’s also the case that if he tries to bully her in any way, Hillary Clinton will capitalize on it.

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  1. Read through some of the FBI report, and Powell seems caught dead to rights on the disposition of SOS emails. Think Bernie said it best, and count me as one who is sick of reading about Clinton’s damn emails.

  2. Taco trucks on every corner?
    Where do I sign up?
    I have a corner that even my fst and crippled ass could walk to, about 40 meters from my front door

    Will they have fish taco’s too, do you suppose?

    If Hillary can make this a part of her platform, she’ll get 4o+ states!

    If she adds burrito’s, it’ll be a clean sweep!!!

    PS: Roadside taco’s and burrito’s are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than any commercial ones.

    Trust me!
    I ate ate any number of them in NC, NYC, AND VA!

    Ten times the taste, for half or more than the price of fast-food joints, and dupposedly Mexican Restaurants!!!!?!

  3. Josh Marshall’s article is a must read. He does a fine job of articulating just how big a bag of shit Trump is. He makes clear that the central ingredient that ties us all together as human beings is absent in the soul of Donald Trump. Exploiting the suffering and grief of “Angel Moms” for the furtherance of his own political advancement is a despicable act. I think Khizr Khan hit the nail on the head when he said..”Donald Trump has a black soul”.

  4. Swami,
    t-RUMP doesn’t have a “black soul.”

    He either doesn’t have one, or it’s a ‘white soul.”
    Supremacist’s, that is…

  5. We have a significant latino population about evenly comprised of people from Mexico and people from Costa Rica. If it weren’t for them and their cultural influence, life would be insupportably dull here. But, some of the best Mexican food I ever had was from a “taco truck” down in Tampa, Florida at the old Funlan’ flea market.

    It was run by a Mexican couple. (She looked like an Italian movie star, by the way.) Their truck was outfitted with fake brick and a functional stainless steel sink hanging on the side, obviously an Health department requirement. As I recall it had “La casita mexicana antojosa” painted on the side, which I took to mean ‘the whimsical little Mexican house.” I think it can also mean a little Mexican house with warts, but I’m going with the whimsical. (Help me out Swami. My memory and my Spanish are not always so good.) The food was divine, and there was always a line of people waiting.

    If you’ll allow me a memory, one day their battery was dead. It was a pretty big truck, about a 20 foot straight job, or as the expression goes, “a big ass” truck. A bunch of us assembled behind it and got it moving fast enough for a jump start. When he popped the clutch, the motor sprang to live along with a burst of mariachi music and a smile and wave from the couple.

    This encapsulates the reason, I have such a hard time understanding the resentment towards immigrants. There was so much ingenuity and creativity that went into the truck and so much artistry in the food, that it naturally inspired fellowship and admiration, at least for some of us.

    Apart from that, it was largely, our latino population that softened the blow from the the crisis of 2008. So many of them took the opportunity to move into the vacated commercial buildings with a variety of small businesses, which still exist today. They saved us from a death spiral and pumped new life into the local economy.

    Sorry, I wandered off down memory lane before reading the articles. That’s got to be one of the codger warning signs.

  6. There’ll be rejoicing in the house of Abraham? Trump thinks he scored big with the black church in Detroit because they presented and adorned him with a prayer shawl..little does he realize that they were groovin’ on him.. He’s going to need that prayer shawl for consolation when the rains of defeat and rejection set upon him in November.

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