Family Values Farce

A lot happened over the past several hours. Along with the release of the infamous Donald Lecherous Scumbag Trump video, apparently excerpts from Hillary Clinton infamous Goldman Sachs speeches have also been leaked, and as suspected she said things she is going to be pressured to disavow.

But I want to focus on Trump first. The current party line from the GOP is that Trump used bad language. Nobody should use bad language like that, especially about (sotto voce: white) women. We must denounce such use of language. But he’s still our candidate.

Will Trump be pressured to drop out? And would he? At this point, it doesn’t look like it. It’s way too late to replace Trump on the ballots. It probably would be possible for the GOP to announce that even though Trump is on the ballot his electors are free to vote for somebody else, but I’m not sure about that. I don’t think Trump would go quietly unless they paid him billions of dollars. Maybe not even then.

It’s fascinating, though, that a posse of “family values” evangelicals is standing by Trump. Here are Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer:

“Voters of faith are voting on issues like who will protect unborn life, defend religious freedom, create jobs, and oppose the Iran nuclear deal,” Faith and Freedom Coalition president Ralph Reed said in an email to BuzzFeed News. “Ten-year-old tapes of private conversation with a television talk show host rank very low on their hierarchy of concerns.”

Asked if he had any comment on the tape itself and if he was definitely standing by Trump, Reed said, “I think the statement is self explanatory.”

Tony Perkins, who leads the Family Research Council, also did not reject Trump in the wake of the revelations, but indicated that he doesn’t share Trump’s values.

“My personal support for Donald Trump has never been based upon shared values, it is based upon shared concerns about issues such as: justices on the Supreme Court that ignore the constitution, America’s continued vulnerability to Islamic terrorists and the systematic attack on religious liberty that we’ve seen in the last 7 1/2 years,” Perkins said in an email to BuzzFeed News.

“The comments are obviously disgusting and unfortunate,” Bauer said in an interview with BuzzFeed News. “But Donald Trump did not run as a evangelical or as somebody who ran the kind of campaign that a Pat Robertson would run.”

“We’ll still support him, still work hard for him,” Bauer said. “His policies are 100% better than Hillary Clinton’s for the country.”

“I don’t see how any values voter that is sensible would take a tape from 11 years ago with totally inappropriate language and says somehow that leads me as a voter to stay home or vote for Hillary Clinton or throw your vote away on a third party candidate,” Bauer said.

It’s beyond obvious that Donald Trump is a walking moral cesspool. Even Jonah Goldberg, who is a known idiot, realizes this. You cannot say you take the Ten Commandments — any of ’em — seriously and support Donald Trump. What’s wrong with these people?

I can think of two explanations. One, they think somehow they will maintain more influence in a Trump administration than in a Clinton administration. And maybe they would. Trump obviously doesn’t give a hoo-haw about religion, except when it can be made to reflect well on him somehow. He might very well support their anti-LGBT and anti-women agenda if they flatter him enough, because it’s obvious he doesn’t give a shit either way.

The other explanation is that these people have become so twisted that oppressing women and LGBT people is the only “morality” they care about any more, and all the stuff about lying, stealing, coveting, adultery , etc., are just details that can be sacrificed for their “greater good.”

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  1. Big surprise. Look who flocks around Trump. The self righteous crowd who pretend belief while living a philosophy of control and shame over others.
    Who has more video? Mark Burnett Productions does of the Apprentice where he shamed female contestants by asking male contestants if they wanted to do her? Always look to see who a president brings into a white house because those people are the ones who advise and direct policy. Will cabinet meetings be like the apprentice: ” Gee she looks hot, which one of you guys want to do her?”
    As I predicted a year ago, this man has nothing new to say, he is a jerk , a rich white jerk whom women perceive immediately and (white)men want to be him( entitled self serving, demeaning). He is there because he has gotten a free ride for over a year and only now are the obvious points about his business, behavior and history being discussed.

  2. They’ve made it clear: they view Trump as the only realistic means to advance their agenda – “traditional family values”. Without him, they think they’re locked out from having any influence, and that the world around them will continue to deviate from tradition.

  3. moonbat : Their stance has absolutely nothing to do with “family values”, at least those we are familiar with. It is all about the money. Maybe a little about their access, but only in order to safeguard/increase their revenue flow.

  4. “Here are Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer:”
    A modern “Christian” trilogy of terror!

    They’d all suck – if there was one – the Devil’s own red-hot cock for power and all of the money and privileges that “come” with it!!!
    (And pussy – let’s not forget that “benefit!).

  5. Has the cat got Swami’s tongue? Speaking of the known idiot, Jonah Goldberg, I was so appalled earlier this week to find him a “guest” programmer on Turner Classic Movies. Irony of ironies, the movie he selected was “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” I plan to write a scathing letter to TCM on having someone so stupid programming movies. Maybe he paid someone to be on.

  6. Bonnie- TCL had him picking movies? Now its gone too far! I think I’ll join you in letting them know that, for sure, Jonah was rooting for Claude Rains.

  7. My 2 cents – it’s all about Roe v Wade. Evangelicals who are into the political end of the game are concerned with controlling human sexuality. Sex, pregnancy, gay issues, etc. The American evangelicals are obsessed with sex – the actual teachings of Christ (Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.) are irrelevant.

    Trump’s sex life should be revolting to evangelicals BUT there’s a vacancy on the USSC and there are two more conservative justices likely to retire in the next 4 years, certain to retire in the next 8. We are talking about a 7-2 LIBERAL US Supreme Court that will roll back assaults on women’s rights at the state level and confirm Roe v Wade to the degree that it’s invulnerable.

    The world is coming to an end for these people and they know it. The desperation can not be overstated. Their power is going to be limited to their own congregations – separation between church and state is going to be renewed and the handwriting is on the wall that their authority in those Bible Belt States will be ended by Federal Courts.

    Donald could rape a nun and they’d back him.

  8. i agree with Doug. Trump is a means to an end. Pence is the actual end. If Trump resigns or is impeached, they will have achieved their desired end. If Trump simply abdicates governing to him and his crew, the same end will have been reached. The number of Johnson supporters who cannot see they are being played by two Republican “Libertarians” is astounding. I am an English major and I can do the math. The election of Trump does more to meet the end desired by the Xian wingers. The voters most likely to vote 3rd party are generally young and more liberal in the sense that they are open to change, and will cost the Democrats more votes than they will cost the Republicans. When is the last time you saw a Republican not vote Republican? I for one do not believe anything that comes out of the mouths of most of them.

  9. Bonnie…No, the cat doesn’t got my tongue. I was attempting to dazzle all you Mahabloggers with my superior HTML skills. But like everything else in my life, my attempt just turned into a big nothing. Seems to be the story of my life.
    Actually, I was trying to embed a Washington Post video of Robert De Niro venting on what a dirtbag Trump is. Even though De Niro is an actor you could sense that what he was saying was really from the heart. Here’s the video:

  10. I can’t seem to remember, but wasn’t it one of the family values organizations listed above that was involved with the Rent -a- Boy thing? It used to be I was sharp as a tack in remembering which family value hypocrite committed what hypocrisy, but I’ve become overwhelmed trying to keep it all organized based on the sheer volume of their hypocrisy. I guess the best way to maintain control of my organizational skills is to just lump all the family value groups into the same box and label them all hypocrites.

  11. And these , oh so pious men, they don’t think that Donald Trump would have a mistress have an abortion if she became pregnant after a unwanted/ wanted sexual encounter?
    Would they let their daughters attend a function, knowing Trump would be their?

  12. I know of at least one woman who believes, with her friends, that Trump has been sent by God to save this nation and, therefore, it doesn’t matter how sinful he is.

    What I am wondering is – who put her on this insane path?

  13. Lynne, I’ve seen these idiots taking shot after shot completely oblivious, to the amazement and amusement of sane observers. A wise boss once told me that smart people are usually humbled by knowing much there is to know, and remain open, while stupid people just ‘know’ that they know everything.

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