Comey on New Emails: Never Mind

FBI Director James Comey on Sunday afternoon sent a new letter to Congress notifying members that after reviewing a new batch of emails to and from Hillary Clinton, the bureau has not “not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

Bleep bleepity bleep.

13 thoughts on “Comey on New Emails: Never Mind

  1. WTF?!?!

    Two more days, and then we’ll see what his t-RUMP-a-loo-pa’s do…..

  2. What?  I heard this was big, really big, bigger than Watergate?  Now it is just nothing.  Nothing at all.  So rule number one is a properly informed public is necessary in order to run a good democracy.  Oops.  Broke that one.  This reminds me of the old saying we used to have at work.  Misinformation, we love misinformation…without it we would have no communication at all.  

  3. Comey’s second later confirms that there was never any legal reason for the first letter to be sent. Regardless, the damage has been done.

    And what this tells us is, Comey and his rogue agents have pledged their allegiance to the GOP first, with their duties they were sworn to uphold a distinct second.

    Comey should resign after the election, and the DOJ should treat this as purely a personnel matter and drum these people out of the agency.

  4. The S+P futures market opened 25 points higher on Sunday (6 PM Eastern Time), up from Friday’s close. A move of this magnitude almost never happens over the weekend (the markets are closed on Saturday). Markets react this way to good news, and in this case they felt it was extremely good news.

    Great SNL video, nice to see the two of them dancing in the streets of NYC.

  5. Trump has cranked up the volume on his fear blaster… Comey’s concession that the emails aren’t going to lead to criminal charges is proof that the election is “rigged”.
    I’ve got to give myself a pat on the back for recognizing that Trump is a big bag of shit.. But in all modesty, it just came naturally to me. Actually it was an easy call.

  6. Notable NYT comment:

    “The logic, if you can call it that, form the Trump camp appears to be:

    Hillary under investigation = Hillary guilty.

    Hillary no longer under investigation = cover-up = Hillary still guilty.

    Every path leads to a guilty verdict. No evidence equals conclusive evidence. The verdict is guilty even when there is not enough evidence to call for a trial. That is some 1984-esque totalitarian state logic there.”

    Credit (CityBumpkin)

    Swami you called the Donnie-think correctly also.  What is dangerous is that he has collected a large list of people who see no problem in this sort of “logic”.  He will find some way to exploit and use them.    

  7. The republicans are proposing a fourth branch of government – “The Department of Clinton Investigations”.

    Frankly, I can’t make sense of Comey. At one point he’s making a credible call that Clinton used poor judgement and was NOT honest in testimony – but it’s no way, no how, a criminal matter. Then – against FBI protocol and in violation of the Hatch Act, he does a 180 with NO evidence that the new emails are significant, and says he found something. And then he does an about face AGAIN, two days before the election. It rather reminds me of a cartoon where competing characters both with transmitters are controlling the same robot. There’s stuff happening behind the curtain, and I’m not sure who is doing what to who. That’s frequently the case, but I find it irritating, nonetheless.

  8. I hope for a big Clinton win and am crossing my fingers for the Senate. The Comey letter was a good, on-the-margins, demoralizing hit to be overcome.

  9. Given that he made a hash of things, I can’t give him too much credit for doing this. But at least he did. You know, like, the guy ran over your dog, backed up over your dog, and and got out and FIRST inspected his car – but then threw the dog on to his leather-upholstered passenger seat and drove to the emergency vet.

    He could win my respect in one way, though: if he called in every whiner who wanted Hillary indicted and said “here’s what the prosecutors say we have to find. Find it before the election, I’ll announce before the election.” And then, when they came up empty, asked “Now explain to me, like I was a non-partisan 12 year old, why you should have a job, after you encouraged prosecution when the prosecutors agree it’s baseless. Remember: I’m a twelve-year-old, so I’m already furiously angry at the thought of an authority figure deciding to accuse someone of wrongdoing without evidence. Anyone who can’t do this may resign at the end, and I have pre-printed letters of resignation you may sign on the way out.”

    (Anyone who actually signed one could get their job back – if they could sit through a thorough dressing down and still admit that, yeah, they were wrong, but honest-to-god, they really have learned better from the experience. Only a person convinced they were wrong can easily sit through a lecture and not become defensive. Anyone who refused to sign, get rid of them and blacklist them.)

  10. Comey’s actions remind me of that old, old song that goes like this:
    I didn’t know the gun was loaded
    And I’m so sorry, my friend
    I didn’t know the gun was loaded
    And I’ll never never do it again

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