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13 thoughts on “Technodukkha

  1. Saw this quote elsewhere on the tubes, too good not to share!

    “Trump could have done far more damage to that airfield in Syria if he bought it and ran it as one of his businesses.”

  2. maha,
    We in your comment communtity wish YOU, and all of us, luck, in this transfer!

  3. Well, another fine upstanding Christian Repug politician bites the dust.. Yeah, a staunch family values Repug… He puts the oral in moral rectitude. Can’t wait for when Pence gets caught with his pants down.. They’re all the same!
    Had he been more specific and less poetic in his prayers, and instead of saying, “Lord, take this cup from me” to overcome his temptation of the flesh. He should have said, ” Lord, take this killer erection from me” he might not be facing the problems he’s facing today.

  4. “They’re all the same”
    Right ever notice the only thing lately that will drive a Repug from office is a sex scandal, being thoroughly corrupt doesn’t seem to be an issue!

  5. I think they should give old Bob Bentley a pass for creativity. You’ve got to admire his poetic romanticism. I haven’t heard such a beautiful tribute to a woman’s breasts like Bentley described of his mistress since reading Giacomo Casanova’s autobiography.

  6. That GBU-43 costs $300 million per…bet Chris Matthews has to rub one off right before air time tonight.
    What does Meals on Wheels cost again?

  7. Interesting to watch the cable bobble-heads pound the drums of war, they just love it, they got b-roll of bombs exploding to play, retired generals to pay, and most of all their advertisers: Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, have start paying the advertising hush money big time! Yeah I can’t wait, I wonder will any of dUmpfs kids will have to serve?

  8. Gulag, I’ve been caught in the moderation for a few days with one of my word turds, website broke?

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