12 thoughts on “Trump’s Worst Poll Yet!

  1. I don’t profess to have any expertise in polling.. but.. I suspect when Comey gives sworn testimony that Trump tried to extract an oath of fealty from him that the percentage numbers for Trump’s approval rating will drop by at least 2 to 6 %.. And given the general ignorance of the population at large I suspect that any name put out as a choice in an approval poll would return a 30% approval rating. It’s like Sponge Bob Square Pants could get 30% approval if his name was put out there.

  2. t-RMPLE-thin-sKKKin’s POV:
    “Another example of fake news doling out fake polling numbers.
    If I was so unpopular, then why did 1-and-a-half Billion people come to my inauguration?
    I’m actually the most popular President in history!
    And not just America, but in HISTORY!

  3. Bonnie .. No disrespect to Sponge Bob..I just used him as an example. And in actuality I have a higher regard for Sponge Bob than I do for Trump.
    I’m at the edge of my seat with anticipation for Thursday’s testimony from Comey. I’m praying that Comey provides just enough information to insure that Trump will eventually be run into the ground and out of office. The proverbial Gila monster bite with six months of negative headlines and then he succumbs to the pressure.

  4. “Comey’s testimony is one of a number of items on the White House radar this week that risk stoking Trump’s rage”.

    Music to my ears! I hope he gets so mad that he blows a gasket. A stress induced brain aneurysm would be ideal.

  5. Trumps polls numbers are down now but just wait till we have our very own terror attack. Then trump can claim his mooslim ban would have prevented it. Or he can always claim his AG watered down his get tough anti-raghead policy so it just wasn’t effective anymore, its a win win unless we don’t have terror then it’s a loser. We need to keep out the evil doers, you never know!

  6. Another poll shows a shift of importance,  MSNBC with Rachael Maddow getting much of the credit has risen to No. 1 in prime time cable news according to reports in the NYT… “in May, it beat its rivals for the highest prime-time viewership on weeknights in the critical 25-to-54 age demographic, up an astounding 118 percent from a year earlier.”  As Richard Nixon really should have said but did not, if you have them by the ratings the ad money will soon follow. So two good polling omens. 

    It is also good to find out I am not critical, as much of the time I feel just the opposite.  

  7. Swami: I do believe it is Trump’s anger/rage that will do him in. For me that would be preferable than him lashing out at others. He is realizing that he is not in complete control of everything and that really pisses him off. He wanted to be the great savior of the world and he is fast becoming what you call him in the opinion of the whole world. Someone once told me that it is better to make friends than enemies. Someone should tell Trump that. The problem is he believes in his own “intuition”. More than being a narcissist, he has grandiose delusions. Remember when during the campaign he stated only he can fix things. I am truly amazed that the Republicans can let this go on and on and on. Surely they cannot be that dumb. Trump is destroying their party and if he is allowed to continue will destroy America and possibly the world. I hope I am not being too negative but this is beginning to scare me.

  8. “Surely they (Republicans) cannot be that dumb.”

    I remember saying this about W in 2000. I also remember my father saying this about Reagan in 1980.

    Do not look for the bottom of the barrel, there isn’t one.

  9. I do believe it is Trump’s anger/rage that will do him in.

    I agree , grannyeagle… It’s going to be the cumulative effect of pent up frustrations that are either going to physically destroy him or he’s going to alienate everybody around him who can serve as a support system that all humans need… He’s a slave to his narcissism and he’s driven by desires that are insatiable. The itch that can never be scratched. The only respite he can find is in delusional fantasy. Sure, he might get a little analgesic relief by firing some poor soul upon the altar of his ego, but he’ll never find peace until he understands the victory in surrender and accepts the fact that he’s just a big bag of shit.
    I really don’t think he’s going to complete the course. He’s only been in office a little over 4½ months and he’s already under siege. He’s pissed off just about everybody who has crossed his path and his political toxicity is becoming more pronounced on a daily basis.

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