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The internet service went out Monday night. It was back briefly on Tuesday, but this is the first time I’ve been online since Monday. And I’m exhausted from yelling at people at the Cable company.

The phones were out too, and here in the country my cell phone coverage is spotty. The cable guys were not coming to the house unless they could call ahead and get confirmation someone was there. And we weren’t getting the calls. By this afternoon I was telling the poor people answering the phones that they had damn well better send someone over, confirmation or not, or I was going to eat their offspring.

I’ll post something tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “More TechnoDukkha

  1. >”While Trump’s pro-wrestling approach is showy, bombastic and impulsive, Putin thrives on judo’s discipline and mental toughness, where a core technique is to keep an opponent off-balance and exploit his weakness,” noted Derek Chollet from think-tank German Marshall Fund.

    Well, this should be an interesting meetup..Kinda reminds me of match between Rebecca of Donnybrook Farm and the Manassas Mauler. You know, the wrestling match where Granny Clampett had to jump into the ring to save Rebecca and save the farm from that mean Manassas Mauler.
    I mean really! What an effing joke Trump is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin cracks an off hand comment about getting Trump elected and then cover it in trump like fashion as being a lighthearted joke between friends.. a little passive-aggressive buddy ribbing. a comment like that would send shock waves through Trump’s fragile ego. Bag of shit that he is.

  2. maha,
    Sorry to hear about your woes dealing with a telecommunication monopoly.
    Needless to say, welcome to the New Gilded Age.

    However, having worked – and quit from – Time/Time-Warner 5 times, the minions you dealt with are but lowly-paid/highly-abused drones, and they’re used to all sorts of threats – though, I gotta give you credit for originality: I never heard any customer threatening to eat the offspring.of the low-level employees before!
    But these folks don’t scare easily.
    Hell, management threatens them with far worse every day! And your threats are toothless, compared to upper managements razor-sharp fangs, ready to bite off their child’s limb with a single chomp!

    Of course, if somehow or other you figured out a way to get through to the REAL movers & shakers, and you threatened to eat THEIR precious little snowflake offspring , in less than 10 minutes, they’ll arrange to have a SWAT Team bust into your abode, and take you away.
    And then, probably without any trial, you’ll find yourself in the cell next to a real life Hannibal Lecter, in an institution for the criminally insane.

    I guess the lesson I’m trying to convey is this:
    Stick with threatening to making a low-fat lunch of the drones offspring. Because no one in the company gives a Hershey Squirt shit about them!
    But threaten the REAL powers-that-be in a corporation, and you’ll find yourself as an Unhappy Meal for the rich MFer’s offspring!

  3. I have similar go-arounds.The employees are very nice, the script they read from reflects all the bad press their bosses earn.

    I tell them they should outsource their executives as the auto manufacturers should have done in the 70’s/80’s, keeping the real workers in the US.

    • Raven — the land line phone was out of service. The cell phones were all we had. I’m not aware of a third option.

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