Famous Fatuous Fails

This happened a couple of days ago. If you haven’t seen this yet, do watch.

Clearly the local yokel was not ready for prime time.

3 thoughts on “Famous Fatuous Fails

  1. In what world do these people live? I guess this is what happens after years of FAUX news, right-wing radio and billionaire funded fake-news websites!

  2. That poor feckin' eedjit looked like a hallibut at the end of a hook.

    I imagine a whole lot of tRUMP supporters will look like that when they find out the extent of how badly they're getting screwed with   tRUMP's new tax "cuts" – IF, if, they were only intelligent enough to "grok" things beyond what FOX and Reich-Wing talk radio tells them.



  3. And to think he had to shed is bib overalls and put on his go to meeting clothes just to get stumped by a "fake news" outlet. He makes Louie Gomert look like a real intellectual. Stupid clodhopper! 

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