What’s Happening Now

It’s May Day. There was a time that people used to look at who was standing on the balcony in Moscow to see who was in or out with the Communist Party in the USSR.


There’s a bad joke in the image, if you can find it. Anyway, now people check out the front page of the National Enquirer to see who is in or out with Trump. Apparently the print edition is running a front-page story dissing Michael Cohen. This has also led to speculation that Cohen has already flipped.

Last night the New York Times published a list of questions Robert Mueller asked the Trump team. The questions mostly relate to possible obstruction and Trump’s business ties with Russia. So this morning the Creature tweeted,

One, the leak appears to have come from the White House, not Bob Mueller.  (Update: Apparently there are grammatical errors in the questions, indicating a White House origin.) Two, although the word “collusion” may not have appeared in list, questions about cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia certainly did. For example:  “What knowledge did you have of any outreach by your campaign, including by Paul Manafort, to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign?” But no collusion, of course. See also Greg Sargent.

Benjamin Netanyahu claims that Israel has learned Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal, and he illustrated this with a powerpoint presentation that even the staid Business Insider calls “bizarre.”  I wouldn’t trust Netanyahu as far as I could throw him, but I fear this will give Trump all the excuse he needs to cancel the deal. Iran has already said that if the U.S. pulls out (thanks, Michelle Wolf) Iran will also.

Finally, for now — the tax cut bill was supposed to be “rocket fuel” for the economy. The New York Times reports that so far, the rocket fuel has fizzled.

See also Paul Krugman.