A Tale of Two Media Obsessions

While most of us are wallowing in the latest twists and turns of the investigations of Trump, the Right is holding its breath waiting for an Inspector General’s report on — you guessed it — Hillary Clinton.

The completion of a long-awaited watchdog report on the FBI and DOJ’s Hillary Clinton investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign has put Washington on edge, as the clock counts down to its potentially explosive release.

“We’re all anxiously awaiting this report,” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Fox News’ “Hannity.”

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the draft report was done in a letter to members of Congress on Wednesday. He did not say when the results of the review will be officially released to the FBI, DOJ and congressional committees.

We’ve had so many “final” reports on whatever it was the Clintons are being investigated for at the time, and they never amount to anything. It would almost be a relief if the IG report found the Clintons guilty of something; at least, it would shut up her die-hard supporters, who are a continuing drag on the Democratic Party, IMO.

However, it’s my understanding that the anticipated Inspector General’s report is about why the FBI screwed Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 but treated Donald Trump with kid gloves.

This month, the Justice Department inspector general is expected to release the findings of its lengthy review of the F.B.I.’s conduct in the Clinton case. The results are certain to renew debate over decisions by the F.B.I. director at the time, James B. Comey, to publicly chastise Mrs. Clinton in a news conference, and then announce the reopening of the investigation days before Election Day. Mrs. Clinton has said those actions buried her presidential hopes.

Those decisions stand in contrast to the F.B.I.’s handling of Crossfire Hurricane. Not only did agents in that case fall back to their typical policy of silence, but interviews with a dozen current and former government officials and a review of documents show that the F.B.I. was even more circumspect in that case than has been previously known. Many of the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly.

We all remember the infamous New York Times story of October 31, 2016 declaring that the FBI did not see a connection between Russia and Trump. I suspected at the time that was a lie. But my post of October 31, 2016 was about the damn emails. With this graphic:

Conservative writer and novelist Roger Simon, who is not the Roger Simon who is a journalist, writes at PJ Media (another blast from the past) that “The Inspector General’s Report Will Expose the MSM as Treasonous.” His “premise,” if you can call it that, is that by focusing so much on Trump and leaks from Trump’s administration, while ignoring the evil machinations of the Clintons, the mainstream media is guilty of treason.

He even compares today’s treasonous media to the “good” media that exposed Watergate, because the Watergate reporters (according to Simon) didn’t need leaks. Seriously, he said that. He even ran an image from the film All the President’s Men, which he apparently didn’t watch. (Un, Deep Throat, folks? For that matter, Pentagon Papers?) In fact, it was Nixon’s obsession with leaks from his own administration that led to his ruin, this article says.

The IG report may be very, very bad for James Comey, a man about whom I am ragingly ambivalent. But other than that, I doubt the Right is going to be very happy with it.

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Also, Trump Blinks; he’s caved to Kim Jong Un rather than risk his Nobel Prize.

Update: The Trumprettes weren’t just colluding with Russia. The New York Times is reporting that an  emissary from crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE also met with Donald Trump Jr. in Trump Tower in August 2016 and offered to help Trump win the election.

6 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Media Obsessions

  1. We know the Oct 31, 2016 Times story was a lie because if nothing else the FBI had heard from the Australians about Popadopoulis months before, and by the summer had apparently either embedded or cultivated an informant on the inside of the Trump campaign.  Comey's explanation then, that essentially he had to destroy Clinton's campaign in order to save her presidency assuming she'd win, doesn't hold water.

    Comey as FBI head gave Trump a huge break by not disclosing any of this info to the public while raising alarms about Clinton’s emails.  There was much more justification for informing the public about investigations into Trump, which were going on at the time, than it was for Clinton, as what was going on with him and his campaign was much more serious.  Comey could have split the difference and told the public about both if he had to say anything, but he chose to essentially destroy Clinton’s campaign “for her own good” if you believe him.

    I don’t trust Comey, and sad to say Trump is right about him in some respects.  His TV book tour as a hand-wringing Forrest Gump rang phony to me.  Some on the left are treating him as if he’s a hero of sorts but he’s not, and I don't think he's done supporting his party.  Clearly, he tried to help Trump and it blew up in his face when Trump turned on him, which was inevitable.  Comey in many respects got what he deserved.  I wouldn’t invest a dime in his book.

  2. Combined, Bill & Hill have to be most investigated couple ever.

    Separately, it's anyone's guess which of the two is the most investigated individual ever.  

    My money's on Hillary. 

    Every second of time the members of "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" spent looking into Bill, they spent almost as much on his wife, the First Lady.

    Ya wanna see what real "witch hunts" look like, Donnie, you punk-ass whining littie bitch?

    Take a look at the two of them.

    Of course, punk, you have to fear the Democrats winning the House in 2018.

     Beware of "Houses" falling on you – bad witch, or not.  😉

  3. Wah happen?

    Did some witch decide to disappear my comment?  (Not referring to you, maha).

  4. It sounds like the IG report is going to slam Comey for the same things that were in the Rosenstein memo. That should be a big disappointment to wingnuts like Simon who hope it will validate Trump's conspiracy theories. They will just fall back to, "See, we told you Comey was bad."

    It would be nice if there was some information in the report about how the NY branch of the FBI forced Comey's hand on reopening the investigation over the Weiner laptop emails. Especially Giuliani's involvement. Somebody needs to investigate that.

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