Memorial Day 2018

On this Memorial Day, I am reflecting on my two great x 4 grandfathers who fought in the Revolution; my several great-great grandfathers in the Civil War (among them, one was a prisoner at Andersonville; another marched through Georgia with Crazy Bill Sherman); my grandfather, who was a machine-gunner in the trenches in France when my father was born in 1918; my dad, in uniform in World War II; my dad’s brother, Uncle Harry, who spent all of World War II as a Japanese POW; my brother, who earned a Bronze Star and Army Air Medal in Vietnam and is now permanently deployed to Arlington Cemetery; and his son who is about to retire from the Army and who was in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And I’m thinking that none of them served so that Donald Trump could manipulate U.S. foreign policy so that Ivanka can get a bunch of trademarks.

China this month awarded Ivanka Trump seven new trademarks across a broad collection of businesses, including books, housewares and cushions.

At around the same time, President Trump vowed to find a way to prevent a major Chinese telecommunications company from going bust, even though the company has a history of violating American limits on doing business with countries like Iran and North Korea.

The story goes on to say that the timing of the two events might be a coincidence. Bullshit, I say.

10 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2018

  1. Trump just disgusts me. When I see him lay the wreath at Arlington my stomach turns. To me he's an insult to the men and women who sacrificed for our country.

     Last year my brother passed away, at his funeral he was given military honors. When they presented the flag to his wife and said: "On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation" I was struck with a feeling that the honor that was due him was diminished because of Trump's obvious insincerity for caring for any sacrifice or  military service rendered to our country.

     Trump is a coward and a draft dodging bag of shit.

  2. Tell me he's not a big bag of shit…

    President Trump on Monday laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier — hours after boasting that service members killed in action would be “happy” with the way he was running the country.

    I mean, really! 

  3. All the old men of my family are gone now, all the soldiers. They were fine people, taking risks and leaving families.  They were builders of my life as solid presences, supportive and genuine.  I hope we can march this nation to a less warlike drummer than they had to follow. 


  4. I too have a couple of hundred years of veterans  in my family.  My son is going to Poland for a NATO exercise. 

    Then I read about giuliani taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from m.e.k. and bolton taking m.e.k. and mercer money,  wanting war with Iran and North Korea 

    Besides the corrupt festival going on with how many foreign countries, we better not him get away with a war of choice.

  5. Cheetos is an insult to any and everybody that served.  Bone spurs my ass.  He is just another repug chickenhawk.

  6. I have a similar history to yours.  Thank you.  Since our leaders are global I think it is time for our Grandkids to also go global.  Find the best least destructive places left to live and NEVER fight for the bad guys running the DC swamp.

  7. Well, Barr’s show cancelled after racist tweet. The network did the right thing. What do you want to bet the Orange One goes all cry-baby and does a Twitter meltdown about it?

  8. I think you’re absolutely correct on this. Your brother would be horrified and probably mad as hell!

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