7 thoughts on “Koko, 1971-2018

  1. gulag–I think the genteel expression for Krauthammer is "He's in a better world now, and so are we." 

  2. For a long while I believed that in his previous life, Krauthammer had been the Baron's Childcatcher.  But nope.  He’d been a psychiatrist comedian, credited with inventing the tongue-in-cheek phrase “Bush Derangement Syndrome”.  When he tried to explain to conservatives that he’d just been kidding, they nearly sent him packing to go live in the wilderness.  So he had to spend the rest of his days pretending it was a real condition.

  3. R.I.P. Koko, a fellow language-maker. Once Koko ripped a sink out of the wall, and signed that the kitten did it. Koko also spontaneously came up with 'water-bird'. So Koko was creative.

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