The Carter Page FISA Application Dump

The FBI released a redacted copy of the initial FISA application to conduct sureillance on Carter Page. What does it show us? For one thing, it shows us that Devin Nunes is a liar. ‘

This is from Lawfare:

Now we have some additional information in the form of the redacted FISA applications themselves, and the Nunes memo looks even worse. In my earlier post, I observed that the FBI’s disclosures about Steele were contained in a footnote, but argued that this did not detract from their sufficiency: “As someone who has read and approved many FISA applications and dealt extensively with the FISA Court, I will anticipate and reject a claim that the disclosure was somehow insufficient because it appeared in a footnote; in my experience, the court reads the footnotes.” Now we can see that the footnote disclosing Steele’s possible bias takes up more than a full page in the applications, so there is literally no way the FISA Court could have missed it. The FBI gave the court enough information to evaluate Steele’s credibility.

It is clear that the FBI had all kinds of reasons to think Carter Page was working for the Russian government.

Trump, of course, is claiming that the application vindicates him, which it does not. He probably doesn’t understand any of this. The man is as dumb as a sock.  But the GOP, of course, has a vested interest in keeping its base bamboozled, so they’re all on the bobblehead shows repeating the same old lies.

8 thoughts on “The Carter Page FISA Application Dump

  1. Page has not been interviewed by Mueller, which indicates he will be indicted.  When?

    The final documents on Cohen have gone to the prosecutors. There will be an indictment there. When?

    The Russian cutie (I'm being sexist, I know.) is in jail and Russia is trying to get her out. Will Putin order Trump to pardon her? If so, will Trump roll over? The GOP does not want this to go to trial before the election with the spillover to the NRA and the question of Russian money supporting Trump and multiple GOP candidates, perhaps.

    Julian Assange my get kicked out of safe haven and will be picked up by England. The DOJ wants him very badly. Will he wind up in a DC jail this month? Would Julian tell Mueller how/where he got the DNC dumps and how it was determined how to trickle out the releases of stolen info? 

    Manifort goes on trial this week. That will be entertaining. Expect Trump to channel his inner Peter (the apostle, not the appendage) as he says, "I hardly knew the man."

    "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."

  2. Jayzoos H. KEEEEERIST on a bender! 

    Vladimir Lenin praying for tRUMP!

    Even in the world of "useful idiot's," Russia's tRUMP is an embarrassment!

    I think Putin is worried that tRUMP will open his big, fat, blabber-mouth, and 'spill the beans.'

    And tRUMP is terrified of Putin's revenge if/WHEN he opens his big, fat, blabber-mouth, and spills the beans!

  3. uncledad, 

    Socks, by their very nature, know that they're they're not alone.  They know that without their partner, they're worth less.

     tRUMP doesn't know or care that there are other people out there.     

  4. Given Page's history its surprising he wasn't arrested sooner.  His shady dealings with the Russians go back before the Steele dossier was written.  

    It also amazes me the mileage Nunes was able to get out of his deceptions based on it.  But we have our media to thank for that, when they gave his lies credibility by reporting on them, as is, just because it was him saying it.

  5. csm – The media continues to make the mistake of talking about the FISA warrant and not Page. The SOB billed himself as a Kremlin advisor. Likewise, talk about Manifort's history w/ world dictators connected to Russia. The video of Bolten talking to a Russian "pro-gun" group for a fee (sound familiar, yep it's hers) hasn't gotten enough mileage. That Trump's son bragged that the Trump empire is built on Russian money should be pressed, and against the reply "it ain't true" demand Trump put out his Tax documents.

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