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  1. I certainly hope with difficult questions like this, he is allowed to call his friend Vlad for help.  As we enter the Age of Magical (or Squishy) Thinking, I assume at least one of these is a trick questions, perhaps all are.  I may think I know the answer today, but by tomorrow the Kremlin will alter reality enough to make it not so.  An inspiration cartoon for sure.

  2. It's getting to be some scary shit with Giuliani's and Sekulow's coordinated attacks on the investigation. They are both screaming that if  the investigation isn't concluded by Sept 1st it means the whole investigation has been proven to be a hoax. What's funny is that I've always considered myself  intellectually stable and that I couldn't be effected by the kind of gaslighting nonsense that they are putting out, but I'm having moments where my intellectual knees are buckling from their initials attacks and it takes me awhile to regain my composure in fending off their bullshit.

  3. Beware of Benghazi Brained Bullshit Barrages Swami. They destroy mental harmony and may have long lasting effects.  It is best to keep deflector shields at full power these days.

  4. In some respects a down side of Mueller running such a tight, leak-free ship is it provides an opening for cretins like Trump and Giuliani to lie and project in order to define the investigation, its motives and those doing the investigating, knowing Mueller isn't going to respond.  This is why their anxiety level is ratcheting up; they don’t know what Mueller has.

    Compare his investigation to that of Ken Starr's investigation of Bill Clinton, where not only did he leak prolifically and "strategically," his team even leaked "facts" about the investigation that were just not true.  The leaking is technically illegal but it serves political motives and is proof of partisan intent, as was the case with Starr. 

    If Mueller's team really did consist of "17 angry democrats" running a purely partisan investigation, like Starr's, we'd have a hell of a lot more leaking.


  5. There is the anecdote about a grown-up talking to a short outfielder through a chain-link fence at a little-league game.

    "What's the score?" he asks

    "143 to nothing," as the team at bat scores 2 more runs.

    "Maybe you should just go home," the spectator says.

    "No way!" the kid responds. "We haven't had our turn at bat yet."

    This is how I see the Mueller decline in polling under a barrage of lies from Team Trump. When it's his turn, Mueller is going to have his turn at bat. I don't know what evidence he's got, but from the way Mayor Nine-Eleven is acting, he's got Trump cold.

  6. The only thing I want confirmed about omarosa is the 15,000 monthly hush money from lara trump rnc. They say Kurt schilling gets that much. 

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