Is the Fix In?

There’s been talk that Manafort might be discussing a plea deal. However, Politico reported something else this morning that clouds the issue quite a bit.

Giuliani also confirmed that Trump’s lawyers and Manafort’s have been in regular contact and that they are part of a joint defense agreement that allows confidential information sharing.

“All during the investigation we have an open communication with them,” he said. “Defense lawyers talk to each other all the time, where, as long as our clients authorize it, therefore we have a better idea of what’s going to happen. That’s very common.”

So, allegedly the Trump team knows what Manafort knows. Stay tuned.

Elsewhere, Trump is complaining that the revised death toll in Puerto Rico is a fake number put out to make him look bad. Even some Republicans are backing away from that one.

Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen (R-Fla.) told reporters she believes the figure of nearly 3,000 is sound.

“What kind of mind twists that statistic into ‘Oh, fake news is trying to hurt my image,’” she said. “How can you be so self-centered and try to distort the truth so much? It’s mind boggling.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R), whose Senate bid has been endorsed by Trump, said in a tweet that he disagreed with the president, relaying that “an independent study said thousands were lost” and that he had been to Puerto Rico seven times and “saw the devastation firsthand.”

Also, Senate Democrats Have Referred A Secret Letter About Brett Kavanaugh To The FBI.