What Is Kavanaugh Hiding?

Grassley et al. are claiming that it’s somehow an outrageous idea to have the FBI investigate Professor Ford’s allegations. No precedent! Wrong; the White House could request that the FBI do the investigation. Anita Hill’s allegations were investigated, for pity’s sake, although not very thoroughly.

Obviously, the Republicans don’t want the FBI involved. Is that because Brett Kavanaugh would have to talk to the FBI? And, presumably, lie to the FBI? Which is a crime? That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.  They are protecting him from having to talk to the FBI about what happened all those years ago.

Kavanaugh Nomination Impasse

Christine Blasey Ford is smart to demand an FBI investigation before she will testify. If the Republicans deny her that, it’s clear proof they aren’t interested in getting at the truth.

Senate Republicans wanted a set up in which it would be her testimony against Kavanaugh’s. No investigation, no corroborating witnesses or evidence. Just her word against his. Then they could pat themselves on the back, declare that she had been heard and then decide that Kavanaugh is more credible. You could see it coming a mile away.

White nationalist websites have published Professor Ford’s address. She has received death threats. She and her family have had to leave their home and go into hiding. And people wonder why she hesitated to come forward.

The Republicans may very well succeed in putting Kavanaugh on the court, but it’s going to cost them, especially in the upcoming midterms. And I think at least some of them realize that.

The only penalty-free way out of this mess for the Republicans would be for Kavanaugh to withdraw his name from nomination. I’m sure Trump is opposed to that, though. The senators may have to choose between Trump and the good of the party.

As a side note, Trump also has been hurting Florida Republicans with his denials of the Puerto Rico death count.  He put Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in the position of having to disagree with him publicly. Trump is now especially furious with DeSantis, believing DeSantis owed him for his primary win. Professional moron and Fox News bobblehead Lou Dobbs declared that Scott and DeSantis had ignored “science, statistics and evidence” by disagreeing with President Donald Trump about how many people died in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria. Trump retweeted Dobbs’s comments.

Say hello to Gov. Andrew Gillum and, possibly, Sen. Bill Nelson.