How’s It Going?

I deliberately did not watch or listen to the  hearings this morning, mostly because I have other work to do. I notice the leftie-leaning media are confident Professor Ford handled herself well. So I looked at not-leftie-leaning media. This is from Politico:

THERE ARE A LOT OF REPUBLICANS who are already hoping that the White House will pull BRETT KAVANAUGH’S Supreme Court nomination — “today,” as one put it to us. “Total disaster,” as another senior Republican told us. Factions in and around the White House — Trump allies — are getting concerned. As we said this morning: It’s hard to see what Kavanaugh can do to change the strikingly difficult political dynamics. He has already said, without a doubt, that he did not do anything — that has left him no wiggle room. We’ve not spoken to a single Republican so far who thinks this is going well for them. Most think it’s an abject disaster.

Also from Politico, GOP governors call for delaying Kavanaugh vote.  And it sounds like Grassley was a total jerk.

And see Silence on Wall Street. Tears in a retirement home. The country watches, transfixed, as Ford tells her story.

Frat Boy gets his turn later, I understand.

Update: This is from the Wall Street Journal, secondhand via Raw Story:

The Wall Street Journal talked with several former Trump administration officialsabout Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee — and they all agreed that it was a disaster for Republicans.

One former Trump official described Ford as a “very credible witness” and said that her sworn testimony had gone “worse than any Republican could have expected.”

Another former Trump official said that Ford’s testimony means that Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is now in deep trouble — and they doubted that he could save it during his testimony.

“Ford’s testimony puts all the pressure on Kavanaugh,” they said. “He really needs to knock it out of the park.”

And finally, a third official lamented that it would be almost impossible for Republicans to paint Ford as a lying political operative.

“She seems sincere, kind, thoughtful and credible,” they explained. “Hard to suggest she is politically motivated.”

President Donald Trump is reportedly seething while watching Ford’s testimony because he has been surprised at how credible she seems as a witness.

Update: Josh Marshall, Blasey Ford’s Shining Moment; Grassley’s Catastrophe