Is Trump Cracking Up? (Updated)

It’s hard to tell. “Cracked” Trump isn’t that different from “normal” Trump. But it’s a theory going around.

Today’s tweet:

Granted, he never did understand what the NATO thing was all about. I’m sure a lot of people have tried to explain it to him. But Trump doesn’t do learning curves; his brain flatlined some time back.

I learned late last night that the Creature not only skipped World War I commemorations in Paris, as previously noted; he didn’t bother to go to Arlington on Veteran’s Day. Not that I want his odious corruption anywhere near where my brother is buried, but it does seem odd. And he’s changing the story about why he didn’t go to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France on Saturday. Now he’s saying the Secret Service told him not to go.  Did the Secret Service tell him to not go to Arlington also? Or (more likely, I suspect) did he just not want to bother?

One strongly suspects he was meeting with Putin all those times he wasn’t at a scheduled event in Paris. Trump and Putin both turned up late in separate cars at the Arc de Triomphe, like nobody would suspect a thing.

It’s worth going to Twitter to read the comments left to this tweet, btw. Some are brilliant.

For example:


Anyway — Jennifer Rubin wrote a couple of days ago that Trump is cracking up politically, if not mentally.

… the press and the country at large should keep in mind that Trump acts out when he is weak, humiliated and cornered. He’s all those things right now:

*His performance in Europe was panned.
*The election results get worse for Republicans with each passing day.
*His great North Korea diplomacy, contrary to the gullible pundits and political spinners, was a bust. (He was snookered.)
*We now have two major Middle East problems — Iran and out-of-control Sunni despots who think (not unreasonably) they can lead him around by the nose.
*He is not winning the trade war, and it may be one of many factors leading to an economic pullback before the 2020 election.
*Mueller plows ahead, with possibly more indictments (e.g., Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr.). The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (aided by Michael Cohen’s cooperation) has its own case(s) to pursue against Trump and/or his helpmates.
*Obamacare is here to stay. It’s more popular than ever, and red America has fallen in love with Medicaid expansion.
*Trump’s finances are no longer protected from scrutiny, nor are his daughter and son-in-law’s.

In sum, we should continue to tally Trump’s constitutional offenses just as we keep a running count of his lies. However, these offenses are part of a bigger picture of a failing president and a party incapable of breaking with him. Trump is cracking up, as is the GOP.

Nancy LeTourneau writes,

It is worth noticing this series of events over the last week:

1. Trump held a news conference after the midterm elections in which his affect was clearly depressed, until he engaged in a confrontation with CNN’s Jim Acosta.
2. The president traveled to Paris to take part in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the treaty that ended WWI. He had previously cancelled his plans for a military parade, saying that he would honor the military in Paris instead.
3. On Saturday, Trump skipped the ceremony at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France. The White House suggested that it was because of the weather, but that didn’t stop other world leaders or Trump’s staff from attending the event.
4. The president arrived two hours late to a dinner that evening with world leaders.
5. The White House announced that the president will not attend the ASEAN or APEC summits in mid-November.
6. Monday morning brought this announcement:

It is hard to avoid the idea that there is a pattern to all of this.

LeTourneau goes on to speculate that Trump is coming unglued mentally and emotionally. Not that he was glued all that well to begin with.

Oh, and now that the midterms are over — there are reports Bob Mueller is about to issue some new indictments.

Updated: This is in the Los Angeles Times:

For weeks this fall, an ebullient President Trump traveled relentlessly to hold raise-the-rafters campaign rallies — sometimes three a day — in states where his presence was likely to help Republicans on the ballot.

But his mood apparently has changed as he has taken measure of the electoral backlash that voters delivered Nov. 6. With the certainty that the incoming Democratic House majority will go after his tax returns and investigate his actions, and the likelihood of additional indictments by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment, according to multiple administration sources. …

… Publicly, Trump has been increasingly absent in recent days — except on Twitter. He has canceled travel plans and dispatched Cabinet officials and aides to events in his place — including sending Vice President Mike Pence to Asia for the annual summits there in November that past presidents nearly always attended.

Jordan’s King Abdullah was in Washington on Tuesday and met with Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, but not the president.

And so on. Sounds like he’s imploding.

15 thoughts on “Is Trump Cracking Up? (Updated)

  1. Oh, he was absolutely meeting with Putin, at least part of the time. And denying that he would do that.

    I don't know why I am disappointed in him. He never fails to do the wrong thing, and then lie about it.

    So transparent.

  2. He'll have John kelly fire somebody first. I am looking forward to all those federal cases "v

     Sessions " to beinvalidated as Whitaker is unconstitutional. 

    The only question is how will he leave kicking and screaming. 

  3. When was the last time a president chose not to go to Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day, if ever?  And I don't get why this isn't being discussed in the media.  Imagine if Obama decided to skip paying his respects on Veterans Day?

    Something is up, and I suspect we're seeing the results of the stress and pressure the cretin in chief is under.  Maybe he's aware of shoes about to drop.

  4. CSM:" When was the last time a president chose not to go to Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day, if ever?  And I don't get why this isn't being discussed in the media"

    Once he tweets about it they will discuss it until he tweets about something else then will get distracted and discuss the new tweet. msnbc is running a story over and over today about how Bill Clinton got a Blow J#b 25 years ago. We have a president sitting in the oval office now who cheats on his wife with p#rnstars pays them hush money using illegal campaign finance schemes but today we have to hear about the f#cking blue dress?

    Is Trump cracking up?

    I don't think so he the same 72 year old pre-teenager he has always been. Nothing has changed, he is mentally deranged, but he was that way when 62,980,160 idiots voted for him!

  5. Maybe Trump and Putin have taken their relationship to a new level? Trysting in Paris? It's not uncommon for high powered individuals who are prone to conquest and domination to seek a challenge in unorthodox ways. I mean, when you've reached the pinnacle in satisfying your every desire,sometimes a change in direction can pump life into an ailing libido.

    Usually showing up late simultaneously in separate vehicles when an obvious attraction is easily observed, it does give one pause to take a closer look into understanding the nature and manifestation of that  attraction.  

  6. I think we are seeing Trump – not cracking up – but defeated. Up until the election Trump clung to the illusion of power and control. IMO, Trump intended to take control of the Mueller probe hours after the election and if the polls were wrong, a tenet of Trumpism, maintain power in the House and Senate.

    I strongly suspect (with no evidence) that Trump's puppet at DOJ is resisting instructions that will put the new acting A/G in prison. He has reportedly asked for advice from ethics lawyers at DOJ what he can and can't do. Again, as a matter of opinion, I suspect he's been told that interfering in the Mueller probe can't be concealed and will come back to haunt him in an Obstruction of Justice trial. Has Trump gotten the message that the coup at DOJ hasn't delivered control of the investigation to the West Wing?

    Has someone told Trump that even if the Mueller investigation is suppressed, the evidence can not be destroyed. (Mueller is way ahead of Trump on that one.) and there's no way to prevent testimony of key investigators from Mueller's team to the US House. So Trump knows that whatever he did with Russia will be out there before 2020.

    Earlier, Trump entertained the delusion that crying "fake news" will prevent all but the Democrats from believing. A magic wand, if you will that suppresses belief.  The thumping Trump got in House races in districts that Trump won two years ago show the magic wand only works on his cultists. Trump has lost key support and it will get worse when the truth comes out. And it will. Trump knows this week – it will come out. (whatever it is.)

    Putin is (IMO) capable of great cruelty. He played Trump expertly and Trump may have gone to Europe with the main goal of getting advice from Putin. Did Putin tell Trump he's lost? Or that the only way to survive is an overt suspension of the Constitution and the authority of Congress (and the judiciary). Bolton and Miller are the only ones in the White House who will go for it and I think Trump knows the Joint Chiefs aren't willing. 

    It may be that Trump is contemplating how to stay out of jail – if the inevitable truth shows his offenses to be that great. (I suspect Nixon's worst offenses will look like misdemeanors next to Trump's crimes.) If a desperate play is in the works, it will be before January. 

  7. To this day, tRUMP's always been a mentally and emotionally retarded tweenage orange maggot.

    But in the past week or so, he's really cracking mentally.  And with his diet, he might very we!l begin to have one or more serious health issues – quite possibly in the very near future.

    What might finally cause the orange Frumpty Dumbty to shatter into a million pieces?

    Herr Mueller.

    I'm pretty sure that what Mueller will disclose will be bad.

    But how bad? (Oh pretty please, Great FSM, let it be treasonously/traitorously bad!!!!!).

    That will determine how batshit insane he's likely to become.

    If I was Mattis or Kelly (who may be gone today or tomorrow), I'd deflate the nuclear football – give the idiot child a fake one – and make sure the military is instructed to check with Mattis first before following the the Commander in Chao… Chief's orders.   Al Haig was called to DC to act as a buffer between Nixon and the military.  A lot of folks were afraid Nixon would try to pull a coup.

    GO MUELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



     think Mueller

  8. As for why PresiDUNCE tRUMP didn't want to go out in the rain, I think he was afraid that that water might revive whatever creature it is that sits on his orange head and acts as a toupee!

  9. I think Trump's goal now is to fuck over and humiliate as many people as he can before he gets shown the door. What's life if you can't make somebody else's life miserable?

  10. Swami, 

    Along that choo-choo of thought, I go back to an episode of the great "Rocky & Bullwinkle":

    In it, Rocky is plummeting to a certain death, due to what Boris and Natasha did.

    On a nearby cliff, those two stand near Fearless Leader, who is gleefully watching Rocky fall through a pair of binoculars.

    Boris asks to look, too.

    " No! ", says Fearless Leader.

    'Why not,' queries Boris?

    "Because the only thing better than seeing something  great, is to keep others from seeing it!"

    Of course, what we have is a Fearful "Leader."

    IMO:  He'll gladly blow the world up to save himself from humiliation.

    I humbly suggest that we substitute his name for the word "shit."

     'Wipe your feet kids.  You were out in the field with the cows, and I don't want you to drag trump all over the carpets!'


  11. I read in the French press that they disregard Trump's tweets against France because they are written in English – so they said they are meant for the US public, to have the US media talk about him – always him.  He wants to show that he is tough, to the US public.  And it works – I am so tired of seeing and hearing about Trump all the time, give it a rest.

  12. Also by the way I read, in French, what Macron had said about building an army.  It was not correctly translated into English here.  That has happened before.  During the Iraq war French was constantly mis-translated, nothing new.  I remember listening to Dominique de Villepin's speech to the UN about the Iraq war – even the New York Times did not translate it right – on purpose, for sure, to make France look bad – that was the opinion then.  But I do speak French – I am French, and you can see I do speak English as well, I can tell when something is not translated correctly.

  13. " a cocoon of bitterness and resentment "

    Isn't that where all the eternally grieved tea-tards live! Anyway it sounds like a nice place for him!

    Vagabonde: " I am so tired of seeing and hearing about Trump all the time, give it a rest " Right, he really is destroying the practice of journalism (among many other things) in this country. It's the tweets, they just can't stop reporting on the tweets. If Trump doesn't like the news cycle he tweets and it changes, if he doesn't like how the tweet is being covered he tweets again.To me they mean absolutely nothing, they are not official policy, they are only meant to be taken seriously when the administration says so?

  14. What does draining swamps even matter anymore when the hair has gone bad?  If one cannot even control the hair anymore…   what’s the point?  Damn them all.  Damn them all to hair.   …hell.

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