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Do read “Five days of fury: Inside Trump’s Paris temper, election woes and staff upheaval” by Josh Dawsey and Philip Rucker at WaPo. I think the part that most got to me was that the Creature was angry with his staff for not telling him that skipping the Belleau Wood cemetary observance would make him look bad. As if any American wouldn’t care enough to want to go; as if any American wouldn’t realize how it would look to cancel. He has no sense whatsoever of American history and tradition; anything that happened before him is of no interest to him.

Paul Waldman writes that the White House is in meltdown.

New reporting paints a picture of the administration descending into a thunderdome of backstabbing and resentment as staffers jockey for position or wonder whether they should get the heck out, all presided over by an erratic, unhappy president….

…Nothing is more upsetting to Trump than being considered a loser, even temporarily. But I suspect that the prospect of having his tax returns made public has him even more frightened. We don’t know what they will reveal, but suffice to say that no sane person believes that all we’ll discover when they’re opened up is that Trump took advantage of some loopholes and did some creative accounting here and there. Everything we know about Trump’s career — not least the recent revelation that he and his family engaged in a years-long conspiracy to commit tax fraud on an absolutely massive scale — suggests that those returns will be a Pandora’s box of scandal.

And he was a moron to assume that every bad deed he ever did wouldn’t be sniffed out, eventually. Presidents can’t keep secrets any more, or at least they can’t keep them forever.

Then, do read This Is All Donald Trump Has Left by David Roth. Brilliant writing. Says it all.

Oh, and Mitch McConnell published an op ed on the Fox News website slamming Democrats for being too partisan. No, really, he did that. I am not making this up. Go ahead and take a few minutes to process. There were some, um, reactions on Twitter.

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  1. "the Creature was angry with his staff for not telling him that skipping the Belleau Wood cemetary observance would make him look bad"

    Did they also forget to tell him that every president in recent history has gone to Arlington on Veterans day as well? I can't believe more hay isn't being made of that, it's a couple miles from the f#cking white house?

    Anyway this guy is talking about 2020, sounds good in this clip!


  2. It's amazing that Mitch "Turtle Man" McConnell didn't implode into a troll singularity under the stellar masses of hypocrisy and disingenuousness of that editorial.

  3. David,

     "…troll singularity…"


    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO stealin… liberating that!

  4. Ponder this for a moment (but not before putting on some adult diapers):

    tRUMP's cabinet members and and other direct and indirect reports over the first 1 or 2 years of his atrocious misadministration were the consevatives "A" team (yeah, hard to believe, considering how shitty, greedy, corrupt, mean, petty, vindictive, and inept they are).

    What's coming will frighten the dead.

    The new tRUMP-Teuful's will have ALL of the same negatives – only unimaginably even worse!

    More shitty, greedy, corrupt, mean, petty, vindictive and inept – YES, hard to imagine – MORE!!!!!

    FSM help us all…

  5. It's just as well that he didn't go to Arlington or the cemetery at Belleau Wood. To me, his showing up is just an affront to the brave and honorable men and women who had the courage to serve our country. Trump is such a cowardly bag of shit…

    I think back when the first American soldier's remains were returned to the states at Andrews AFB at the beginning of Trump's presidency. How he and Ivanka ( acting as a surrogate wife ) made a big production of their heartfelt solemnity for our fallen soldiers. He was eager to play act in his new role as commander in chief and render a salute like it had some real meaning. But he hasn't been back since to supposedly honor any of our fallen when they arrive back on American soil. It just reeks of photo-op and insincerity. Nothing satisfies like sucking up a dead man's honor… huh, Trump?

  6. Did I mention that Trump is a big bag of shit? A day without reaffirming the notion that Trump is a big bag of shit is like a day without sunshine.

    Remember back in the early 70's when Cheech and Chong were the latest rage in comedy albums? They had a humorous skit  on one of their albums were one of them asks.."Can God make a rock so big that even he can't move it"? I've been wondering along those lines if God can make an arrogant bag of shit like Trump with such a great amount of self absorbed  density that even he can't humble him?

    I say that because my wife says her prayer is that Trump would be humbled..and I have strong doubts that even God can pull off a miracle of that magnitude.

  7. God should humble him with a prolapsed rectum. Or a brain aneurysm. Better yet,speaking of Belleau Wood, a fate like the character Joe Bonham were "they've put me back in the womb". 

  8. I think prison will be a humbling experience for Trump. There are no media cameras to play the martyr to. It will be him, crappy food and a lot of people of color who don't have any love for Trump. Yes, there are white nationalists in prison who will mobilize for Trump. That's a good thing. I will be disappointed if Trump doesn't live to be 90 in fear for his life every day without seeing a golf course ever again.

    Thousands of children and their parents are scarred for life because of an inhuman policy Trump put in place. He will never suffer as much as they did or in the way they did but life in prison will be an apt reminder for other fascists of the risk they take in trying to implement their evil.

  9. Life just makes much more sense after watching the video opinion piece from the NYT entitled The Worldwide War on Truth.  This is one of the best pieces of journalism I have seen in years.  Compromised or crazy we have a serious problem in our leader.  

  10. Loved the David Roth article. Thanks Bernie for the NYT videos – bookmarked – they look great!

    I'm ecstatic that my district, deep in the OC, CA-45, just flipped blue, and we're on our way toward painting the entire county blue, about which St Ronnie famously said it's "where good Republicans go to die". Take that, Ronnie.

    The GOP incumbent, a normally sane lady – she was an investment banker and a mayor in former lives – has taken the Trump tactic of crying "voter fraud". It's like a virus with these people, as Charlie Pierce likes to write, the prion disease takes over and cripples their brains.

  11. Should God  perform a miracle and humble Trump?  Possibly, but it's much more effective in the form of reincarnation.  If we mess up  in this life, we get another chance or chances however long it takes.  However, we are faced with our mistakes of the previous life or lives.  If we are stubborn we may dig ourselves in deeper or if we can humble ourselves and attempt to live a better life, more in tune with the "will of God" or for the good of others and the universe, we  can progress and evolve.  As Edgar Cayce said:  "We are always meeting ourselves".

    As much as I want to see Trump  just disappear, I realize I have no control over his life and I just have to trust that the creative powers of the universe are working exactly as needed.  It's difficult but I have to remind myself every day he is a human being.  Otherwise, I would let my hatred take over and become like him.  My comforting mantra is:  God is nigh.

  12. Dana Rohrabacher was turfed out of office, leaving Trump as the only one on Putin's payroll according to Repuke House soon-to-be Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. But crime boss Paul Ryan insists they keep it quiet.

  13. Trump should be reincarnated as a urinal in the NYC subway system. He'd a taste of his own medicine by having people pissing all over him for a change.

  14. Swami, 

    Actually, unless I'm wrong, I am pretty sure that God/rock line was actually George Carlin's.

    I'd check Mike Barnicle's columns before he got in trouble for lifting gags from Carlin's book, "Brain Droppings," but I'm too damn tired tonight.

  15. Swami:  If you were in charge of reincarnation for others, it would be okay with me.  Especially Trump.  However, I don't think I would like it so much if you were in charge of my reincarnation.

  16.  gulag…On second thought I think you're correct, it was George Carlin. Don't hold me to 100% accuracy of any recollections in the years between 1968 and 1974..I was in kind of a constant fog due to chemical substances.

    grannyeagle …If I were dispensing reincarnations, I'd be sure to give you a pleasant one. I don't know about the incarnation aspect— meaning the form  of reintroduction into creation as being flesh —but having you come back in a pleasant form as a summer breeze or a delightful melody, or some form that brings delight and happiness to other's lives would be among my choices.

  17. Grannyeagle,

    If your reincarnation were up to those of us in Maha's community, you would fare very well, and I would bet that Swami is on board with that.

  18. Does anyone else occasionally think, "I could do a better job than Trump"?  The thing that disturbs me about that thought is that I am utterly unprepared to be President.  Even President Bush, which I admit would give me a low bar advantage.  The fact that we have this man who is so faulty and so overbearlingly proud of it all is upsetting. We need an actual functional adult next time.


  19. Bill, 

    An intelligent, mature, empathetic, and open to the opinion of others, teenager WOULD do a far better job as POTUS than that toupee'd loudmouthed Cheeto in semi-human form 

    How can I be so sure?

    Well, right now, as POTUS, we have a 72 year-old ignorant, stupid, bigoted, immature, narcissistic, sociopathic FESTERING ASSHOLE who won't listen to reason or facts, because he says he knows better!

    I'll take the kid!!!!!

  20. Swami:" 'I was extremely busy on calls' "

    Yes I saw that as well. Of course I believe he said this to FAUX, so it is just a planted question so he can slither away, a real "journalist" would have asked who were you calling can we see the call logs. The fact the Trump department of propaganda would even asked the question tells me the rubes must have making some hay about the obvious disrespect. The liberal media that the rest of us pay attention to hardly mentioned it? I can't figure out if Trump is running FAUX or if FAUX is running Trump?

  21. I can't figure out if Trump is running FAUX or if FAUX is running Trump?

    I'll explain it like this.  Trump is Team R’s franchise player.  He’s their best, the guy so good the team wants to build their franchise around him.  Faux is like the local TV news channel with shows dedicated to positively highlighting the local teams every success, especially the star player. 

    Except unlike a Tom Brady or LeBron James, Trump can pretty fuck up everything he touches to ruin the team for the foreseeable future, possibly even the entire sport itself, and the fans don't care in the slightest because they've pretty much gone completely batshit nuts.

    I hope that clarifies things.

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