Pleased to Meet You …

So the guy who owns a restaurant in the neighborhood that does catering had the Clemson U football team as dinner guests at the bleeping White House, and they got a self-serve buffet meal of cold chain restaurant fast food. Mr. Moneybags paid less than $3,000 for this. I feel bad for the young men, who may have assumed a White House dinner involved sitting down and being fed a proper meal. From the photos of the event it appears the young men had to eat standing up.

20 thoughts on “Pleased to Meet You …

  1. There is a food budget for presidents. If he takes no salary, isn't it like Manafort, I.e. private briefings?

  2. I think what makes that picture so tacky are the candelabras. They have a Phantom of the Opera quality about them. Maybe it's someones attempt at eclectic design, but they scream out of place, especially when you have to stand up and eat off of a styrene plate with a spork.


  3. I think of The Office, when Michael Scott ‘knew’ that Stanley would be good at basketball. The reasoning here appears to be at about that level (and no doubt the base approves).  Don't all mostly negro college football players love fast food?

  4. Cold fast-food?


    Hot, it can be good – if you ignore or don't mind the grease, salt, fat, and carbs.

    But cold grease, salt, fat, and carbs?  DISGUSTING!!!

    Hopefully the kids didn't finish-off all of this crap, and there were plenty of cold, greasy leftovers for our POTUS – all the better to give that fat orange piece of shit (Fill-in Desired  Illness: __________________________________)!

  5. What really puzzles me is, he chose to be photographed like this (much like he always has a phone stuck to his ear when he's "working" – including during video conferences!). Just like he thinks the crossed-arms pout makes him look resolute, rather than looking like an adult imitating a cranky toddler who doesn't want to put his toys away.

  6. The more I think of this, the more the levels of failure come to light.  Trump has been "weighed in the balance and found wanting" in so many of the attributes that we know as human. 

    …not even a "beautiful chocolate cake."

  7. Goat: " …not even a "beautiful chocolate cake."

    Well, I’m sure you are aware, this as with everything tRump does was a political stunt, he wanted to press the fact that he had to buy "fast food" because Chuck and Nancy have the government shutdown! Of course again as with everything tRump still gets what he wants, I'm sure he would prefer a big mac over some freshly prepared food from the WH kitchen, He is so selfless, he sacrifices so much for our Nation! SAD!

  8. Wow.  I look at this picture and just marvel at the fact that this lying cretin and cheapskate is our president.  

  9. Just when you thought it couldn't be any more grotesque.

    Perfect title and caption, Maha.  I couldn't take this without your creative wit.

  10. I saw the clip of Trump bragging about how he solved the dinner problem, despite a government shutdown.   (Right you are uncledad!)  But, as Stephan Colbert pointed out, there is nothing to drink in any of the photos of the event.

    This seems like the perfect example of an act of "kindness" where the real purpose is to humiliate the beneficiary.   The team from Clemson were shown their precise rung of the ladder and the "exalted one" was only kind enough to allow them to gaze upward at his comparative glory.  To Trump, that would all be business as usual. 

  11. Clemson University will be surprised when they receive Trump's invoice (with his usual 80% markup) !

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