Back in Business

So yesterday morning I found that some time in the night Mahablog had gone ofline. It went offline because the company with which my domain name is registered parked the domain name. Don’t ask why.

So I spent all day yesterday phoning and emailing the domain name company, my web host company, my techie friend who helped me with the recent upgrades, and then another company that manages DNS because the domain name people insisted I change nameservers and my web host doesn’t do nameservers. So I had to open an account with a DNS management company to get nameservers.

After a great deal of thrashing around, late yesterday I believed I finally got everything configured to everyone’s satisfaction. But this morning, even though diagnostic tools were saying everything was fine, I was still offline. So, more emailing  to the web host company. After I sent a screen capture of my site information at the DNS management site to web host support, a techie answered and told me what I had wrong.  The DNS management company itself was unresponsive and no help at all. But the holdup was that I had incorrectly entered CNAME data. Once that was fixed, everything came back online.

So — more than a day and a half of thrashing around to get the site back online because the domain registration company parked the domain, not because of anything I did. And if I had known what I was doing, it probably would have taken me about fifteen minutes to straighten it all out. I hate technology sometimes.