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The so-called President told George Stephanopoulos he would happily take “dirt” on a political opponent from a foreign government and not tell the FBI about it. In other words, he’s not guilty of collusion … yet.

Your government at work, folks.

In defending himself, the “president” declared he is allowed to speak to foreign governments. “I meet and talk to foreign governments every day,” he tweeted. In fact, he had just met with the Queen of England and the Prince of Whales. Understandable hilarity ensued. But the distinction between being an international embarrassment during a state visit and being used by a foreign government to influence a U.S. election eludes him.

In other news: Sarah “Mouth of Sauron” Sanders is leaving the White House, finally.


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  1. Being a battle hardened and nimble liar Sarah aught to draw a high price on the open market for any company seeking the services of a highly competent liar. His majesty King Baby Trump sends her on her way with a royal warrant.

  2. With no press conferences, and only low down personal attacks coming out of her mouth, I'm glad we don't have to pay her salary any longer. 

    As to the I am above the law presidency,  he just proved to Mueller  what he was guilty of  and what his intent was. There should have been an impeachment vote last night, but ,alas, we no longer live in a state where anyone does the right thing. So today Kellyanne  is also flouting her unaccountability and the ethics head is going to be called on to the carpet.  If Dems were smart they would use the word criminal ten times a minute. 

  3. I don't think it matters much that Sanders is leaving. They'll just install another professional liar to support whatever BS the president is rolling out that week.

  4. If  I may point out, there is no such person as the Queen of England. HM has several titles  but Queen of England.

    • Yep; his has so little regard for anything outside himself he doesn't bother to learn the names of countries he wants to honor him. I'd advise him to just stay the hell out of Wales, though. 

  5. In other news: Sarah “Mouth of Sauron” Sanders is leaving the White House, finally.

    They’ll find somebody worse. Have you noticed that the tools get better – scandal plagued Scot Pruitt was replaced with coal lobbyist Wheeler, who is just as bad better at flying under the radar; Barr replaced Jeff Sessions who made the fatal mistake of not covering for his boss, and so on.

    The same is sadly true for the boss. He’s still awful but no longer a beginner.

  6. l had a Wale (sic) of a phantasy (British spelling) or perhaps a glimpse of reality.  Pole results show in a hypothetical race with any Democrat with any name recognition at all they win big.  The façade and the media manipulation is falling apart.  Credibility levels are so low that no one with any unbiased sense about them wants to hear more distortions and lies from anyone connected to the White House. 

    The Stephanopoulos interview was insightful.  One can only imagine what torture it is to work around a floating, changing, reality manipulating, ego centric like that.  Then there is the larger problem.  This guy can really wreck your life for good.  The wake of human carnage he is leaving in his trail grows daily.  We all know now that his political cronies will personally attack the credibility of anyone who speaks or testifies against him.  This tactic has been used so often it is worn out and foul smelling.  The play to the moral high road and the implicit claim to be a judge of truth while wallowing in a cesspool of lies and immorality is laughable.  It also gets less and less effective as the credibility of the attackers diminishes.  The thin shield of people he exploits for his protection keep getting weaker and even Miss Lindsey had to bail on this one.  So is it possible the inner circle sees the risk/reward ratio looking too heavily to the risk side?  

    Some recent evidence seems to point that way, but it could just be fantasy. I am sure some see the ship of state as half sailing.  They are waiting for the administration to launch a Hail Mary, to go long, perhaps use the deep fake and pull something out in what is looking more and more like a hopeless cause.  I would like to think, though, that some see the ship of state as increasingly sinking, and are frantically looking for lifeboats.  This cult, or gang, or criminal endeavor is hard to leave, though, and the waters are shark infested.  

    • My biggest fear is that their hail mary will be (a disastrous) war with Iran to give the Cretin in Chief the innoculation of being a "wartime president."  It appears to be shaping up that way.  Remember Tonkin Gulf?

  7. Probably Kellyanne "alternative facts" Conway will also be out soon. Trump's appointed US Office of Special Counsel has become publicly concerned about her repeated violations of the Hatch Act. Trump is defending her forcefully, which has usually meant he's ready to use his trademark "you're fired" on a minion.


  8. I'm betting on two things:


    1) Trump's tweet announcing Sanders' departure was the first she'd heard of it.

    2) She "was resigned," so to speak, because she let Trump give an interview to someone other than Fox News and she should have known that in that situation he literally can't not admit to a crime.


    And an easy prediction: Now that she's not working for Trump anymore, she'll put the "Huckabee" back on her name. And anyone who points out that she took it off merely to please a senile sexist boss will be criticized for "making hay" out of a "purely personal decision."

  9. Rather than spend endless time parsing what this cretin says, trying to determine whether he's dumb or evil, I am so glad someone finally put a stake in the ground regarding this criminal's in your face law-breaking, and the subsequent acceptance of it in a if Trump says it, that's his opinion, and his oipinion must matter because he's "president" way.  

    Here's the FEC Chief Ellen Weintraub:

    “Let me make something 100% clear to the American public and anyone running for public office: It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election,“ wrote Ellen Weintraub, chairwoman of the FEC. “This is not a novel concept."

    Its not a question of what Trump "thinks," the law is clear.  Too bad we don't have an independent DOJ, because this is just crying out for a sting operation to catch this fool in the act.  

    Russia, if you're listening…Kim too!


    • Love that song, Bonnie. It brings back fond memories of my youth.

      I hear that Sarah Sanders is considering a run for governor of Arkansas. Who knows, she might be a perfect fit for Arkansas politics. But when it comes to lying, she's almost without peer. She's so proficient at lying that if she were to get into a lying match with Satan himself, he's probably come away feeling inadequate.

    • Thanks for that video, Bonnie. How I wish somebody could get through to these supposed Christians, who, in their (understandable) fear of the modern world, and their efforts to resist change, enable the plutocrats and greedheads for salvation. Jesus talked a great deal about "the hypocrites", who put on a big show of spirituality, but who don't really walk the talk.

  10. Thought I'd share this with my fellow hypocrites.  The old battleaxe is headed back to Arkansas to see how many souls she can shepherd into hell with her lies. Her daddy must be right proud knowing he's raised a daughter who can lie and deceive with the best of them.

    Sarah daughter of perdition Sanders. She's sorta like Will Rogers, in the sense of one of his famous quotes where she can say that she's never met a lie she wouldn't tell.

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