Wars Are Easy, Says Captain Bone Spurs

This may be the most frightening thing Trump has said yet:

President Trump said Wednesday that if the United States goes to war with Iran, the conflict “would not last very long” and would not involve ground troops.

He’s talking himself into starting something. It will not end well.

One of the most consistent themes of history is that before every really horrible war there was some moron calling for aggression who yapped that war is a piece of cake. For example, in August 1914, on the eve of World War I, German Emperor Wilhelm II famously promised to his departing troops that they would return before the autumn leaves fell. More “realistic” hawks in Europe thought it would be over in 18 months, max.

And, of course, the Great War lasted four years and caused an estimated 15 to 19 million deaths.

Remember our little invasion of Iraq that never really ended? Remember “we will be greeted as liberators” and “the war will pay for itself”? Remember Mission Accomplished?

The great military blunders of history were all, it appears, rooted in arrogance. Napoleon marched his 650,000 troops into Russia thinking no one could stop him. The Russian military had to do little more than to lure the French deeper and deeper into their territory and then let winter, disease and starvation do their work.

Japan’s aggressions that caused the Pacific War were a study in irrational exuberance. I have found that study, actually. Here’s a quote from it:

The Japanese confused honor with interest by permitting their imperial ambitions to run far ahead of their military capacity to achieve them. Indeed, the Japanese, like the Germans (and later, the Israelis), displayed a remarkable incapacity for sound strategic thinking; they were simultaneously mesmerized by short-term operational opportunities and blind to their likely disastrous long-term strategic consequences.

That would describe Bolton, Pompeo and Trump, also, except that they are even dumber and apparently completely distinterested in long-term strategic consequences. We keep seeing that in the Middle East, military solutions have nothing but disastrous long-term strategic consequences. For everybody involved. And saber-rattling isn’t helping, either.

And do we want to talk about Vietnam?

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is a leading hawk about Iran. He is an Iraq War veteran, I understand, so one would think he would know better. Even the right-wing Washington Examiner published an op ed calling Tom Cotton a maniac. “Headcase Cotton is raring for war with no questions asked, apparently, and seemingly little concern for what it might do to the country,” it says.  More recently, he said on a PBS talking head program that the U. S. would win a war with Iran in two strikes — the first strike and the last strike.

So the question is, how stupid does one have to be to actually believe that?

Although he has called himself a “student of history” — one suspects he failed — Trump has less understanding of history than anyone who has held the office of the presidency. He has no comprehension of strategy or, apparently, thinks about long term goals other than him “winning,” whatever that means in his warped fat head. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from a war with Iran, for either country, but there is a lot to lose. The only thing that might save us is Trump’s incessant dithering and cowardice, and his fear that a military blunder might cost him the 2020 election.

8 thoughts on “Wars Are Easy, Says Captain Bone Spurs

  1. The great Charles Pierce calls George W. Bush, "C+ Augustus."  No love for 43 has he!

    But I would argue that I believe Mr. Pierce somehow or other inflated that grade along some curve.  I'd say Dumbaya was more like a "D- Nero."

    Curve or no curve, TRUMP is definitely an "F- Caligula."

    Let's hope his bone spurs act up anytime he thinks of messing with Iran – the remnant of the proud and powerful Persian Empire.

    If tRUMP was surrounded by smart people, maybe one of them could explain the disastrous Greco-Persian War, which lasted for decades, and devastated both of the countries.

    BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tRUMP is surrounded by nuts and dolts.


  2. Legally he really doesn't have the right to take us there. This is not 9/11 or alqaeda.

    If it goes there, it will be the ultimate lawlessness. 

    It is the lawlessness stupid.

    Should be the Democrat mantra.

    I was thinking about the smirky beration of the ethics officer  by Jim Jordan and mark Meadows . Again lawlessness.  The Hatch act isn't a law?

    Cotton tries to come off as a deep thinker but he's just another intemperate toady


  3. Everything about this administration is bad and sad.  The willful cruelty against children is just too much for me to bear.

    • Cory Booker – Not my favorite, but he did help himself in the debate.
    • Bill de Blasio – Looked like a complete idiot to me
    • Julián Castro – He was informed and articulate, assertive – 
    • John Delaney – Go home (and shut up)
    • Tulsi Gabbard – Much stronger than I expected – fielded a tough question about previous opposition to gay rights
    • Jay Inslee – One trick pony without real answers across the spectrum
    • Amy Klobuchar – Much weaker than I expected
    • Beto O'Rourke – Had a few moments but he's flash w/out substance
    • Tim Ryan – Weak and unimpressive
    • Elizabeth Warren – I thought she did well but did not get called in 2nd hour.
  4. I dunno. Tom Cotton's military record impresses me. It's rare for an officer to be given two assignments as a platoon leader, so he must have been good. On the other hand the 3rd Infantry at Ft Myer is a ceremonial unit. They're the guys who mount guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and do funeral ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery. They're supposed to maintain their skills as infantrymen, too. I'm not sure whether a platoon leader's job there would be a challenge or a sinecure. Usually it's a very demanding job, especially in combat. His current behavior is extraordinarily stupid.

  5. Since he completely lacks any impulse for diplomacy, Trump could always stumble into a war. However, his latest escapade has a strong odor of reality TV conflict building. For years he attacked the Iraq invasion as a stupid war and had nothing good to say about neocons. He's probably aware neocons promised a war with Iraq would be a "cakewalk", even though he probably doesn't remember they were specifically Kenneth Adelman and Richard Perle. Still, he understands how loaded the language is. As president he's now in a position to talk tough and show who's boss:


    Don't be surprised if Bolton is eventually forced out, and be even less surprised if it's during the presidential campaign.


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