Trump Sentences Sick Children to Death; Pro-Life Organizations Silent

I’m sure you’ve heard about the decision from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that eliminated a “deferred action” program allowing very ill non-citizens receiving lifesaving medical care to remain in the U.S. Many of these non-citizens are children. Last week patents and their parents began receiving letters from the U.S. government telling them they had 33 days to leave the United States or face deportation. Many of the doctors of these patients say that deportation would be a death sentence.

The purpose of this policy change, other than the cruelty itself, is obscure.  I doubt we’re talking about large numbers of people here. The only number I’ve seen is that USCIS processes about 1,000 applications for the program a year, for a two-year deferment. And the ham-handed way this policy change was handled suggests Stephen Miller, Wraith of Evil, was behind it. Lawyers for immigration advocacy groups are preparing to challenge the policy change in court; let us hope the courts will put a stop to this.

But it strikes me that we’re not hearing from the Fetus People on this issue. I actually went to some “right to life” websites and news sources and looked for something about it. Crickets.

Keep in mind that the so-called “right to lifers” are not just about enforced pregnancy. They also have a long history of butting into end of life decisions to “save” patients from having life support terminated. Here is just one recent case, from this May — Texas Right to Life “saved” a woman named Carolyn Jones whose life support was being terminated by Memorial Hermann Southwest in Houston. Jones was taken to some other facility — where she died anyway.  Right-to-life news outlets are full of stories about innocent people being unjustly removed from life support; this is almost as big an issue with them as abortion. And I know some of these cases are difficult, but an intervention by loony-tune fanatics can’t possibly be a help.

The Fetus People are even opposed to people issuing “advance directives” about when to terminate their own life support in case they become incapacitated. The Fetus People site Life News has had a regular vendetta going about an Oregon law that simply spells out how people can prepare a legal directive to not be put on life support if they don’t want it. Life News headlines about this law screamed Oregon Bill Would Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death.

And need I remind you — Terri Schiavo?

So, given how opposed the Fetus People are to allowing people to die even when there’s no hope, you’d think that they’d be demanding that these innocent foreign people be allowed to remain in the U.S. to receive treatment that is actually saving their lives.

Well, you’d be wrong. Again, I looked and looked. The Fetus People ain’t touchin’ this one. I can’t say I’m surprised.

Stephen Miller directing U.S. immigration policy