I Hate Election Years

I have been looking for news on the turnout in New Hampshire but not finding it. And the FiveThirtyEight final forecast for New Hampshire is confusing and, I suspect, two or three days behind trends. This is a dynamic election; I suspect people are changing their minds by the minute. The only interesting news is that Joe Biden isn’t waiting around for results and has moved on to South Carolina.already. His internal poll numbers must be worse than the public polls.

So this just happened:

Two career prosecutors who handled the case against Roger Stone, a confidant of President Trump, resigned their posts Tuesday after the Justice Department signaled it planned to reduce their sentencing recommendation for the commander-in-chief’s friend.

Jonathan Kravis, one of the prosecutors, wrote in a court filing he had resigned as an assistant U.S. attorney, leaving government entirely. Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, a former member of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team, said he was formally quitting his special assignment to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office to prosecute Stone, though a spokeswoman said he will remain an assistant U.S. attorney in Baltimore. Neither provided a reason for their decisions.

The resignations come just hours after a senior Justice Department official told reporters that the agency’s leadership had been “shocked” by the seven-to-nine-year penalty prosecutors, including Zelinsky, asked a judge to impose on Stone and intended to ask for a lesser penalty.

Another day, another example of corruption in the Trump Administration. It never ends.

There’s an audio clip of Mike Bloomberg saying nasty, racist things making the rounds. This could stop his momentum (fingers crossed).

Trump held a rally in New Hampshire last night just to keep Democrats from moving around. See Ratfu–ery in NH: Trump Camp Hoped Secret Service Lockdown Would Screw Dems.

If you read nothing else today, see Dana Milkbank:

Recall his [Trump’s] repeated promises not to “touch” Social Security and Medicare? Even as the elderly population swells, his budget calls for removing half a trillion dollars of funding from the Medicare program over 10 years, including $135 billion from Medicare prescription drugs, and tens of billions from the Social Security program.

Do read the whole thing.