Waiting for the Votes

Of course Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar were persuaded to drop out before Super Tuesday so that Joe Biden could get more votes. Polls suggest it is working, and that there has been a considerable swing to Biden in the Super Tuesday states over the past couple of days. It appears that the not-Sanders voters are moving rapidly to Biden. If that appearance holds up in today’s results, we’re probably looking at a Biden nomination. Damn.

This could very well be a replay of 2016. Biden is supposed to be the “safe,” establishment choice, so the sheeple dutifully vote for him. I’m saying right now that if Biden is the nominee and he loses to Trump, we all go to Washington and absolutely trash the DNC headquarters on South Capitol St SE. And then we march on the MSNBC studios in Rockefeller Center. I’ll stop short of calling for tar and feathers, for now. See also Paul Waldman, Sanders is a terribly risky nominee. But so is Biden.

Young folks, you’d damn well better get your butts out to vote today. It may be your last chance.

I was looking forward to the Super Tuesday returns, thinking it should be a good night for Sanders, and now I am bummed. At least we don’t have to listen to Chris “Tweety” Matthews any more. See Margaret Sullivan on the real reason Matthews had to go.