Well, That Was Unpleasant

I watched maybe two minutes with the sound on. Then I switched to Chopped on the Food Network and followed a live feed of the debate on my Kindle fire, no sound but with updated commentary, at the New York Times. I think the debate commission members need to consider what they’ve been doing with their lives. Nobody needs another display like that. At the very least, Trump’s mic should have been cut off.

I have a hard time believing Trump won any more voters tonight.


So There’s a Debate Tonight

I am looking forward to the debate tonight with about as much enthusiasm as I look forward to root canal. Chris Wallace of Fox News is the moderator, and while Wallace can be an honest interviewer, he also can be a tool. We’ll see which Chris Wallace shows up tonight. I will watch some of it to see how the winds are blowing, so to speak, but may not stick it out to the end. I may or may not live blog, but you’re welcome to come here and comment.