Another Turkey Pardoned

Michael Flynn is pardoned. I should say “lying scum Michael Flynn.” We knew this was coming. See also White House Weighs Pardon Blitz Before Trump’s Exit at the New York Times.

See also Joe Biden calls for shared sacrifice to fight the pandemic as Trump rails about baseless election accusations. We’ll have a real president in a couple of months. Hang in there.

Interesting read: The Inside Story of Michigan’s Fake Voter Fraud Scandal at Politico by Tim Alberta.

17 thoughts on “Another Turkey Pardoned

  1. When will Trump pardon himself? (He will just to claim Imperial powers.) However, on the advice of anyone familiar with the law, Trump will also resign and have Pence pardon him in case charges are filed.

    What I am curious about is how quickly NY state will file charges when Trump resigns.

    • Pence has been a pretty obedient lap dog for Trump, but for him to go along with a scheme to pardon Trump would be the equivalent of committing political suicide. I doubt that Pence would go along with that foolish a maneuver unless Trump has some compromising photos on Pence.

       If that scenario ever came to be I would expect Pence to pull a Jerry Falwell stunt like Jerry did when he snatched Jim Bakker's financial empire from him with the loving assurances of offering shelter from a storm. And then after he secured his lucre he got all righteous and holy while turning on him like a rattle snake in issuing the most damning condemnation of his moral conduct. It's the old two birds with one stone ploy. Jerry came out looking like a pillar of moral rectitude and Bakker was cast as an unrepentant dirt bag worthy of a prison sentence.

  2. The person pardoned has a new official title: Treasonous Traitor to America, Michael Flynn – Former 3 Star General.

    A Benedict Arnold for the 21st Century.

    But enough politics.

    I love to whine and kvetch (Little known fact:  I majored in kvetching during college), but I have a lot to be thankful for (besides tRUMP losing.  YAY!).  My Mother is alive, and with me in our assisted living facility.  My Niece had a beautiful baby boy at the beginning of October.  My wonderful Nephew is now an Uncle ( I taught him to uncle goodly;-).  The rest of my family is safe.  My childhood friends and I are still thick as thieves.

    And I have maha, and all of you readers and commenters, my intertube friends, to be thankful for.

    Stay safe, and have a terrific Thanksgiving!!!


    • "Stay safe, and have a terrific Thanksgiving!!!"

      You too, my friend – and all my friends on Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks, CUNDgulag,

      I could have used some lessons in the uncle department, but, I'm trying to make up for it.

      I'm happy to hear that you and your mother are together.  All the best to both of you.


    • You can come here and kvetch all you want, c u n d gulag, and we'll all love you for it. I sometimes forget to express how much I look forward to your comments, and everybody's comments, especially this year when I've been mostly isolated in alien territory — Trump won the county by 80 something percent again this year. So please hang in there! And keep kvetching!

      • My deep condolences – "Trump won the county by 80 something percent". One of the best things I'm thankful for is that I no longer live in a place remotely like that. I escaped, and my parents worked so hard for that to be possible for me. No one appreciates freedom more than someone who's been imprisoned for decades.

  3. It will make for an interesting future for this country if The Donald 'pardons' himself and the Supremes uphold his right to do so!

    In the future, some multi-billionaires get together and use every federally possible crime to get 'their candidate' elected. 'Their president' funnels trillions of dollars to his sponsors. 'Their president' issues 'pardons' to himself and all involved during the final days of his administration. Rinse, lather, repeat!

    Goodbye United States of America and welcome to the United Oligarchs of America.

  4. Always refer to him in the mefia from now on as ' Lt. Gen Michael "Turkey" Flynn (Retired) (Pardoned)"

  5. I have thought that Flynn really got railroaded here. He “should” have been charged for his lobbying work for Turkey. That was much more egregious and ethically questionable.

  6. Last night was strange. Trump went on a manic rant and no news showed it until CNN did at midnight. Fox was running reruns of Hannity from weeks ago and msnbc ran dateline. I tried to play the rant on my phone and it wasn't available. News didn't want to show a president in full babble rant. There's no telling what nutty things he will do yet.

  7. The advantage to living in a majority Trump county is that it is easy to maintain social distancing, and your bubble is less likely to contain a super spreader.  

    We continue to quench our thirst on a near empty cup.

    Still so much to be thankful for.  Like we don't reside in that Kansas county that went 95% for Trump.  They need to check their water for lead content.  

    • Speaking of lead content — the water and soil here really do have high lead content. Until the 1970s lead mining was the primary industry. My father and both of my grandfathers worked for the mining company. The mines were deep underground, and the water we all drank growing up was pumped out of the mines. The mines are closed (except for one that's a tourist attraction), but the underlying groundwater/aquifer is all interconnecting to the mines. However, the theory is, because the lead is unrefined ore it isn't absorbed into the body. Back in the day all the health issues and increased rates of mental retardation were around the refineries, not the mines. 

  8. I was waiting all day for tRUMP to announce with great flair that he had signed a presiDUNCIAL Executive Order to change the name from "Black Friday," to "White (Power) Friday!"

    Well, still time…

    Don't laugh!

    Wait until after Inauguration Day on January 20th, when they find some double-secret stupid-shit tRUMP Executive Order's that are absolutely insane.  Like, say, everyone has to say the word "Day," first, when walking about days of the week, like: "Hey, Jints got a pretty easy game this Daysun, huh?  What's the Daymon game?"

    And worse.  You'll see!  A lotta KKKray-KKKray KKKrap!!!

    We just have to wait until January 20th, after 12 noon on that "blessed" Daywedns.


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