America’s Biggest Loser

What was, I believe, the last pending legal challenge to the Pennsylvania election has been tossed out of court, and the Wisconsin recount verified that Biden won that state. Trump is still the loser. Never before in U.S. history has a candidate lost the same election so many times.

.Do read 20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump’s quest to overturn the election at WaPo. Of course, Trump refuses to concede. In a Fox News interview this morning that apparently amounted to a Trump monologue without interruption, Trump still claimed his votes were “dumped” and that the election was rigged and a fraud. It’s possible he will lose the election a few more times before he’s through.

Cameron Peters, Vox:

In total, the president’s flailing legal strategy has resulted in a 1-39 record before various state and federal courts around the country, according to Elias. No evidence of voter fraud or other irregularities has surfaced anywhere, despite false claims by Trump and his allies otherwise, and a federal election certification deadline on December 8 is closing in.

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6 thoughts on “America’s Biggest Loser

  1. He's losing, and we're winning, so much that we're getting sick of winning. The show's over, folks. Bring down the curtain.

    Oh, who am I kidding? Starting January 21, lawyers will play with him like cats play with a rat. The show must go on! I'll watch.

  2. By not conceding, tRUMP is just letting his latest grift gain more momentum.

    He's going to be milking his MAGAts for every penny he can right up until the second he's dead, and finally out of our misery.

    You see, if he concedes, he admits he lost.  He's a loser.  LOSER!!!

    But by not conceding, tRUMP can keep his suckers, dopes, dupes, marks, fools, and half/dim/nit/fuck-wits, sending their money to help their idle idol in his fight to turn around this election, and also eventually send money for his 2024 campaign.  A campaign that'll be "all-show/no-go," since he just wants adoration and money – without any work, of course. And he can keep collecting and threatening to enter the 2024 election right up until the RepubliKKKLAN KKKonvention.  And he can play GOP power-broker as long as his base stays with him.

    With tRUMP, it's ALL about the "dead presidents:" Right up until he joins the list, and goes wherever it is dead presidents go.  And when he gets there, he'll be spat upon and reviled by the others, who'll be happy to tell tRUMP how absolutely shitty and corrupt he was – for all of eternity.

  3. I don't know if Trump is America's biggest loser, but he is the most prominent one. When you go through life tormented by insecurities that won't allow you to accept yourself for who you are and can only equate your worth through the accumulation material trapping, you are a loser. Trump's refusal to accept his defeat by Joe Biden is among the least the confirmations of him being a loser. 

    I guess it's a matter of what value scale a person uses in determining what constitutes a loser, but for me, I kind of think that someone who has to force his ex wives, and his current wife, to sign non-disclosure agreements shows he's not exactly a winner. And when I think about Trump's relationship with his son Barron, I don't have to dive too deep to know that Trump is a big loser in that regard. The classical Cat's in the Cradle syndrome. They say that to know where a man's heart is look to see where he spends his time. For Trump it's either on the links or on himself, but nothing for Barron.  Trump is passing on a generational curse just like his father passed on to him. That makes him a loser in ways he'll never understand. Maybe on his death bed?

    • If you're looking for big losers, take a look at the people who spent 3 million dollars on the Wisconsin recount. You know that money didn't come out of Trump's pocket. So, somebody lost by believing in a loser and they not only lost their money, they lost in the margin of defeat in defending the loser. That makes them triple losers. Well, maybe not. Probably just double losers. Once for believing in Trump, and two for their three million bucks. I guess the loss gained by a higher vote count for Biden would be credited to Trump's account as him being a loser.

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