The Whole World Is Watching

I am watching the news out of Washington about the thugs who have taken over the Capitol. And I keep hearing that there is still hardly any law enforcement trying to restore order. And we all know that if leftie or BLM protesters had done this, they’d be in jail already.

This is what comes of years of winking at right-wing terrorism. This is what comes of years not holding the Right responsible for bombing abortion clincis and murdering abortion doctors. This is what comes of letting armed thugs storm into statehouses and call it “exercising their rights.”

Right now I’m hearing some guy on the teevee downplaying the severity of what’s happening. It’s a “nuisance,” he says. He doesn’t think it’s a big enough deal to demand immediate deployment of National Guard.

This is bleeping insurrection. And if these thugs are just allowed to go home in a day or two, there will be more of it.