Today in the House

The House has new articles of impeachment drawn up. House Democrats also prepared a resolution calling on Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. House Republicans objected to the latter measure. It may be voted on in the full House tomorrow. My understanding is that if Pence hasn’t invoked the 25th by Wednesday, the House will impeach. And the House Dems have the votes.

Of course, the Senate won’t remove Trump from office before he’s out anyway, but that doesn’t make the exercise pointless. But a post-term conviction, if obtained, would still be useful. “First, it gives the Senate the authority to prevent Trump from ever running again for federal office,” says Kevin Drum. “Second, it would rescind some of Trump’s perks of retirement, including his pension, office space, and government-paid staff.”

It would also force Senate Republicans to go on record one more time — are you with Trump, or are you with the United States?

Mike needs to face the reality that his political career is over. For once in his sorry ass life, he ought to do the right thing and invoke the 25th. I’m not holding my breath.